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The Catamorphism has: Each Clause i has: Each Constructor j has:
type params: ∃Z1…Zm
params: ∃{A1…An}i
context for the clauses: {f:B}i
a collection tree on the cut
context for the cut: {f:A1→…→An→Q}i
given type B
given params A1…An
given return type Q
given type params Z1…Zm
      eqn Ak:=T<Z1…Zm>
given return type Qi
      params ∃C1…Cr [X/Ck]k
      for each C, type eqns cloned from symbol table w/ params Z1…Zm
      a collection tree on Qi
      context for the tree: {p1:A1…pn:An} ∪ {x1:C1…xr:Cr}[X/Ck]k

Take that, you sonofabitch!

Mom, is it true that I was adopted?
"Mom, is it true that I was adopted?"
Tags: compilers, grad school, other cat, thesis, type theory

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