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I'm wide awake after the riot / This demonstration of our anguish - MrPutter: doing things the hard way, because it is there.
June 19th, 2011
03:52 am
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I'm wide awake after the riot / This demonstration of our anguish
Too soon?

Happy (North American) Father's Day to anyone on my flist who is a father! I remember how, not too long ago, (at least the latter part of) such a quip would have been entirely tongue-in-cheek. Now: not so much.

Oof, it's been a busy week. On Wednesday, I had to pull an all-nighter proofreading the latest issue of the AWA journal so we could send it to the print house on time, hence was unable to catch the big Game 7. Over the course of the last 3 rounds, the Canucks had lost every game I watched, and won every game (save one) I had to miss, so I figured this was as opportune a game to skip as any.

Guess we all found out how well that superstition held up, sigh.

Also at work, we've had visitors from a conservation organization operating in China's Chongqing Autonomous Municipality in the office for much of the week. It's part of (for lack of a better term) an informal exchange program; a couple of our staff went out there to observe their work on panda protection, and now a few of them have come here to see how we work on grizzly protection. Unfortunately, their schedule has been under the fairly strict control of the Chinese government, and often changes at the last minute. It's been... awkward to deal with and has necessitated the occasional really early morning. All in all, I'm even more sleep-deprived than usual.

But not sufficiently sleep-deprived that I was unable to make it out to the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo with friends earlier today. Wow, I haven't been surrounded by so much geekery since I used to do the Star Trek cons back in, uh... elementary school? Billy Boy Shatner was the headlining guest — one of the best ad-libbers on the planet. I'm trying to think, and believe the last time I saw Shatner at a con was back in the late 80s some time... 20-odd years sounds about right for a repeat. Mostly spent the day wandering around, then finally left with only a slightly-fuller backpack than I had when I entered. Not a lot that really grabbed me as a must-buy, so: *shrug*.

For only the second weekend since Easter, it doesn't look like I'll get a marathon run in. This time because it just refuses to stop raining.

Only 8 days until I leave for Barcelona! Once I wake up some, I expect to be excited about this. On Friday, I finally gave up on the stress-ride called currency speculation, and just bought some damn Euros. I paid about $150 more than I would have done 6 weeks ago, but $50 less than if I had done so one week ago. I think I can live with that.

Every time I try to take a photo of the kittens doing something cute, they hear the camera beeping and stop being cute. Have a sunset instead:

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