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You know, that bartender gave me a dirty look and a dirty glass - MrPutter: doing things the hard way, because it is there.
September 21st, 2011
09:22 pm
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You know, that bartender gave me a dirty look and a dirty glass
...so where were we?

Oh right; when I last got off my arse to post, I was about to head off to Barcelona for a couple of days.

Done did that.

And the less said of that whole trip, the better, frankly. Went with dubaiwalla. He seems to have enjoyed himself mightily. I'm glad one of us did — for my part, I spent the entire time fretting about all the things back at home that needed doin' and that weren't gettin' done doin'. Was mostly stressed out and unable to enjoy myself much. This often seems to happen when I go on holidays. Only recent exceptions bein' when I've made meself busy doing something, f'rinstance the South American trip when I was busy biking.

I think, at the end of the day, I'm not ever really happy unless I have a specific goal that I'm (at least nominally) working towards. Dunno why it's taken 33 years to properly reinforce this fact.

So anyways, then I came back and worked myself silly for a month. And then it was the Fringe Festival. Which was all kinds of awesome. No short-lived flings like last year, ha ('specially now bein' VP and all; 'twould be twice as full of inappropriation). But it feels good doing something to give to the community.

And then a mostly quiet rest-of-the-summer. Ramadhan passed uneventfully. Was too busy with work to do much in the celebratin' way. Didn't even make my usual big-assed pot o' Haleem. Ah well. Could do without it anyhow.

Second weekend of September I went to Regina to run the Queen City Marathon. It was fun but frustrating. Very hot; low 30s (well, that're be hot for September on the prairies; average first frost in Regina is September 10 after all). Had an awesome first half-to-two-thirds of the run. I passed the half-way mark almost 5 minutes ahead of intended pace... yippee! Hooray! Et cetera. I think I musta' been honest-to-God skipping for the next 300m; it felt like it anyway.

Then at 34km, the wheels fell off the wagon, and I hit the wall so hard it hurt. Staggered across the finish line in 4h21m, which... ain't so great. But meh. Next time, Gadget!

(Where by "next time," we un'rstand the Okanagan Marathon in Kelowna at Thanksgiving.)

There're pictures of me online, but no good ones.

At 10:04 AM last Friday September 16th, I turned precisely ⅓ of a solar century old. Meant to observe it in some way, but f'rgot. Was at work, eyeballs-deep in... something... and it passed me plumb by. *shrug* Weren't that big a deal anyhow.

An' that's that. Um.

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