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Pancho needs your prayers it's true / But save a few for Lefty too

It's fall, already. That much is clear.

About 3 or 4 days ago, the temperatures suddenly dropped 20 degrees, and now every morning there is frost on the ground and ice in the air.

And, y'know, a tangle of SUVs belching kids all over the street in front of the school on my way to work.

How did this all happen? Okay, so I can't maintain this surprised expression in good faith for long. I knew this summer was going to whip through in a frenzy, even before it did so. The Fringe Festival, I find, does that, even in a normal summer. Add to it the fact that we're down 2 people at work, and the adjective "inevitable" becomes an understatement.

But I still love working at AWA, and this photo of our front door describes part of the reason why. This represents pretty much everyone at the office that day.

This week, that latter finally came to an end. The colder weather blew a new co-worker in the door. Fingers remain crossed that this may be the beginning of the end of our year of insanity and endless crunch time.

In the meantime, I have now by some margin worked there longer than anyone else. (How did this happen? So bizarre.) So it's falling partially on me to train the new hire on how to be a conservation specialist. (So. Bizarre.) She will be taking on some of the work currently in my grasslands, public lands, and sage-grouse files.

It's a strange strange road we walk sometimes. Never in a million years would I have foreseen this point existing in my career path.

Clearing out unsaleable items from our fall auction acquisitions reserve: we can't really use these carpets, so I brought them home, whereupon my cats promptly fell in love with the things and refused to abandon them for almost a week.

There was for a while some talk of my moving to Ontario, but that's no longer in the cards, I'm pretty sure. So yeah! This thing that none of you knew was going to happen won't be happening after all! La la la la...

Other than the colder weather and other aforementioned events, the advent of fall is—at least in the part of the world—marked by the observance of Labour Day. I went to Kelowna for the weekend, which was... well... it was.

There was lots of football on TV.

I am not a football fan.

In Kelowna: fall apples fall.

I went (partially) because on Thanksgiving—when I normally go to Kelowna—I plan instead to be in Victoria, running the Victoria Marathon.

Followed by, on the very next weekend, a trip to Toronto so I can run the Toronto Waterfront Marathon. (I think I've mentioned this before.)

Assuming (and I don't see why not) I make it to both, that will be marathons #5 and #6 that I've run. With the latter making Ontario the 4th province. Maybe I can run a marathon in every province by the end of the decade...?

We can file all this nonsense under "things I would never have imagined blogging about 5 years ago" too.

In other news: there's now about $13,000 in the "Bike Across Russia" bank account. So that's, y'know, coming along.
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