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We should ride toward the sunset / 'Til the road we drive on meets the sky

So there’s Livejournal this unanswered question floating around out there: just how far can I bike in 24 hours anyway?

Well, honestly I still don’t know. Due to a combination of factors I didn’t put on my best show that Labour Day weekend. I think I can do better.


A new lower bound has been established! 403km.

Under the cut is just a recap of my tweets from the journey, so if you were following on Twitter there’s nothing particularly new here.

But if not, here are the photos:

(As reposted from Twitter.)
  • I know you can’t see it because of the dirty faceplate but that clock totally reads 6:05.

  • And we’re off! Highways 1 and 2, Calgary. [T+0, D+0]

  • Windsurfing on Lake Chestermere [D+18, T+1:22]

  • Per the AMA Odometer Test Section, mine is underreporting by ~1.5%. Will have to add a few km at the end. [T+2:08, D+40]

  • Yes I know that’s how they SPELL it, but it’s pronounced “dinner.” Strathmore, AB. [D+48, T+2:35]

  • Flat tyre. F. There goes half an hour. [D+99, T+5:14] #F

  • The junction at AB 56: 1/4 the way to Consul. [D+117, T+6:25]

  • A 24h gas station AND picnic tables? Bassano, I love you. #simplePleasures [D+136, T+7:10]

  • Second flat tyre. Double F. There go both my spares - from here on its the patch kit. This road sucks. >:-( [D+161, T+8:22] #F

  • The stars out here are INCREDIBLE. I also need a better camera though, sorry... :-/ [D+172, T+9:22] #stars

  • Brooks, AB, in which all those hotels are looking Mighty Tempting (TM). [D+182, T+9:52]

  • Instead, coffee is the order of the day/night. And lots and lots and lots of it. [D+182, T+9:52]

  • Things that are uncommon: it’s been over 10 mins since I last saw a vehicle. On the Trans-Canada. In Alberta. [D+199, T+11:22]

  • 12 hrs down and I’m at 217km. What with the flat tyres and all, I’m reasonably happy with that. [D+217, T+12:00]

  • A Suffield sunrise halfway to Consul. [D+234, T+12:41]

  • Third flat. In the middle of a mosquito colony so I spent 40min being a buffet. GRAAH! [D+245, T+13:00]

    • (Admittedly this one may be my fault. Didn’t do the best job of removing all the pointy bits from the tyre after the last one...)

  • Cypress Hills Ahoy! [D+268, T+14:29]

  • “All Hell for a basement” (Top priorities: spare tubes and bug spray...) [D+289, T+15:21]

    • But even higher priority: food, water and a bit of a rest. Feeling a bit light-headed. Probably a touch of dehydration...

    • ...but we’ll see how I feel after the aforementioned. If it doesn’t clear up, I may stop this here...

    • ...(I’m crazy but not (that) stupid.) So we’ll see after an hour or two.

  • After a 3 1/2 hr break in The Hat, felt better, so pressing on to Maple Creek. But v. cautiously, taking it slow & easy, drinking lots, etc.

  • *Nod* I think I can handle that. [D+332, T+19:59]

  • Gas Station Kitty!! Walsh, AB. [D+345, T+20:29]

  • A wild Saskatchewan appears! Etc. [D+349, T+21:21]

  • Pretty clouds at Km.351; three quarters the way to Consul. [D+351, T+21:27]

  • Beautiful Downtown Maple Creek, SK. [D+397, T+23:56]

  • And I think I’m gonna declare right here. 397 + that 1.5% = 403km. A new lower bound established!

  • And now, still not feeling so hot. The lightheadedness came back, etc. so will get a ride the last 70km into Consul.

Like so:
(click for full-size)

And then, two days later, I came back the same way I went. Without the benefit of the flat tyres or the lightheadedness — but with an extra helping of headwind to compensate — the return trip took me a little under 23h.

So yeah. I can do better.

One day! I will try again!
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