Sean Nichols (mrputter) wrote,
Sean Nichols

Я не верю в твои слова, так и знай.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Russian internet radio recently (for obvious reasons).

In other news, O.M.G. is there ever a lot of insipid Russian dance-pop out there!

It’s not the kind I would normally listen to, on the whole (although there are a few songs I don’t mind, and one or two that are halfway-endearing, but by and large...). I mean, beggars/choosers, so whatever. An’ it serves its purpose, but oh sigh.

So don’t judge, etc.

The most annoying part is that after a couple months of this, I’ve actually stareted to memorize most of the songs. (Which in a sense is the point, so I can’t really complain. Kinda hard to learn vocabulary and pronounciation without learning the lyrics and tunes as a side effect.) I mean, it’s not altogether different from North American top-40 radio — in the sense that there are only a couple of dozen songs that get played on heavy, heavy rotation, being gradually phased in then out over the course of several months.

So I’ve started dreaming about these songs; hearing them in my sleep, and having them echoing in the chambers of my brain when I wake up.


(get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head)

Бум-бай, бумдиггибай-бай.
Засыпай любовь моя, засыпай...
Tags: music, russia-planning, русский язык

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