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И пусть никто не объяснит, никто на свете не расскажет / Какой огонь в груди горит

One last email: sent out to colleagues, friends -- several hundred people yesterday (enough that the mail server thought it was spam and blocked me until it was sorted out, sigh)... so what's one more?

* * * * *

As many of you already know, I have been planning for some time to do some travelling by bicycle around the world this summer – in Russia, Europe and wherever the road may wind. My subsequent return to Canada will also see me returning to school to pursue another degree, in GIS – a discipline that I have been introduced to during my time at Alberta Wilderness Association.

Thus, it is time today for me to leave AWA and the many good friends and colleagues I have found here since first stepping through the door nearly 12 years ago. Today (March 8) is my last day at AWA, and soon it will be time for me to be a thorn in the side of some other government. (You try getting a visa to cross Russia by bike some time!)

It is hard to believe how the time can fly; I can only stare at the calendar in disbelief when I need to confirm that yes, it really has been that long. That long since I sat down to an interview with AWA’s Executive Director Christyann, and was promptly asked, noting that I might have to go out and do some fieldwork in the mountains, whether I was scared of bears.

After all the situations I have had to work through – as have we all, as members of this very dogged provincial conservation community – there have been times when I have wished for the relative straightforwardness of a simple bear encounter!

Nevertheless, this time has been endlessly rewarding, and I am grateful for all the opportunities that have come my way. I treasure the chances to share in the knowledge and experience that all of you have extended toward me at one time or another.

I find it immensely befitting that my departure should fall on the occasion of International Women’s Day, because AWA will now be in the extremely capable and talented hands of Christyann Olson, Carolyn Campbell, Joanna Skrajny, Andrea Johancsik, Esther Bogorov, Diane Mihalcheon and Cindy Ralston – our Executive Director, Conservation staff and Office staff. I can think of no stronger guarantee that, along with the guidance of our Board of Directors and the help of our many wonderful volunteers, both AWA and the broader Alberta Conservation community will continue to win the vital successes for which we have become known.

I wish everyone the very best of those successes, and look forward to keeping in contact. For my part, I will not be leaving Calgary until after the Climb for Wilderness at the Calgary Tower on April 23, and I expect to see every one of you there!

On a slightly more serious note, I do always appreciate a friendly email; I can be reached on my personal account at seanni (AT)

For a brighter, greener future,
- Sean Nichols, AWA Conservation Specialist

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