July 29th, 2001

krazy kat

Point of Order!

Well... that was a full evening. First of all I went out to see the wireforks at False Creek with Tabnet Yay Pit of Do0m! Yay Mini-marshmallows! Yay overpriced hotdogs! Boo rain!

Well... actually the rain mostly held off... which was good. South Africa did their stuff and man did they ever rawk assz0r! Probably the best wireforks display I've ever seen... some kickass music (Vangelis, Andrea Bocelli, and Peter Gabriel, among others), and a finale that painted the sky bright as day for a good five continuous minutes, with sonic booms that could be heard up in Whistler, I'm sure.

Well, after that amazing cacaphony, we headed back to the Tabhaus to play Feng Shui As is my usual experience with RPGs, 99 percent of the time seemed to be spent doing character generation, and by the time that was over, people were falling asleep and we never got to play much.

But it was fun nevertheless, and the addition of crappy-ass 3:00 AM Chinese take-out completed the Geek Dream Evening. (mmm... I'm hungry...)

Those that were left played an impromptu, and side-splitting round of Eatpoopyoucat (which I have yet to scan and put up), after which we tried to influence Happyfish's dreams through subliminal suggestion (read: whispering random phrases into her sleeping ear). Results of this experiment to be posted later, if they are deemed worthy of sharing.

Jeezus, I'm tired.

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