August 25th, 2001

krazy kat

"Watch for Surprises in Road"

Ok, so I'm finally getting around to this. I arrived in the UAE the other day, but due to the idiots at AUS, they weren't at the airport to pick me up. So instead I came home with my parents and stayed with them over the weekend... I'm off to the university in a couple of hours, and hopefully will move into the dorm at that point.

God, I'd forgotten how much I love it here. And especially how much I love the weather. It's about 45 degrees out right now (Celsius) and I'm loving it. I mean, yes I remembered I liked it, but not how much. I was here for a visit the winter before last, but it was rather cool then (relatively) so wasn't the same.

Anyway, I'm sure you're groaning inwardly right now, but you're not here. And I'm talking about me, not you, so suck it :-)

On the main freeway between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, they decided to remove all the interchanges and replace them with roundabouts (don't ask me; I don't understand why either). So they put up a big sign; hence the subject.

I had a 10-hour stopover in Hong Kong on the way here. I was hungry, so went looking for something to eat. Unfortunately, none of the ATMs liked my card (I got about 10 different error messages before giving up. All different and all errors. But not one would give me my money, dammit), so I had to search for someplace that took VISA. Easier said than done, however I finally found some place called "EXP/2 (Noodle Pizza Experience)".

I had a overpriced pancakes with fried bananas, honey, lemon and sardines. I think they called it the "Pancake Experience Plus". Surprisingly good.

Words of wisdom from the informative sign at the entrance to (Noodle Pizza Experience):

"preheat the inspiration to 230�/c gas 8. fill the pan with equal amounts of energy and passion and leave to boil. carefully handpick and wash the team and rub in the seasoned training, making sure not to damage the hearts, place in an ovenproof dish and pour over the sweet juices of service and flair, leaving to marinate through the team. slide the dish into the hottest location until well done. halfway through, top up the juices with a good bottle of attitude with lovely dynamic aromas.

toss the lifestyle and remaining creativity into the hot and fragrant vision, liberally coating all sides. season to taste with the coolest of music**, adding all of the energy and passion to intensify the flavours. wrap a sheet of strong back-up team over the dish to secure all the talent.

when all the ingredients are in perfect synergy, serve with a few slices of simplicity and drizzle over the competitiveness. swish with a fine glass of friendliness and ambience and enjoy your restaurant as prepared by the chef."


God bless those little... err... whatever.

Hong Kong was also interesting in other ways. The last time I'd been there was in 1986, and don't remember much. I stopped in at a 7-11 at one point (in my soon-to-be-aborted search for an ATM that would take my card) and was amused to see that they carry what appear to be hardcore porn magazines. Not only that, but in the same way that PC Gamer, etc. magazines carry CDs with free demos and stuff in Canada, said magazines have little pockets with CDs in... no, scratch that. Those are DVDs!

Oh boy.

Anyway, that's about it now. Breakfast time. Not to mention the fact that my parents' bitchy cat has decided that my leg makes a good scratching post. I'll write more when I get to the university, mebbe.
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