September 3rd, 2001

krazy kat

Blah blah

Bored as fuck; what can I say?

Finally got on to the internet here on campus. Once I registered for classes, things became a lot easier to get done. Still no ID, but since I'm on the computer system and show as having paid all my fees, no-one asks any questions.

Unfortunately, the computers in the lab are no better than mine (P200s). There are 5 of them, and 4 new computers that just arrived a week ago, and haven't been hooked up yet. Hopefully, they're of better caliber.

The upside is that there's apparently an ethernet hook-up in my room somewheres (I can't find it, but mebbe just have to talk to the right people), so I'll be able to get my pooter online. That will be cool,as (among other things) I'll be able to circumvent the damn UAE proxy that prohibits me from viewing (of all things) UserFriendly! Grrr.....

And also be able to log into mrhat (my server in Vancouver) and get my email, icq, etc. For some reason the telnet client on the lab machines won't connect (although I can ftp/http in fine).

This all once I manage to get my computer running; still haven't done that. I blew up my power supply while trying last week (it said it was rated for 220v, but whatever) and got a replacement. But said replacement doesn't do anything; just sits there and hums lightly. I hope I didn't fry anything more integral to the machine...

And in other news, my stereo doesn't work either. Even when I put it on a transformer. I suspect it may have something to do with the difference in power supply frequencies (50Hz as opposed to 60Hz). Whenever I try and play a CD, it plays fine except that every 25 seconds, it stops playing, spins down, then spins up and continues. Annoying, to say the least.

So the only place I can play my CDs is here in the computer lab, on the machine, and listen to them with headphones.


Well I won't bore you with crap any more. I'll just suffer and only write stuff when I have something other than complaints to say.

Hey... the weather's still awesome: high 40s and brilliant sunshine :-)

I saw one little cloud yesterday, and that was the only one since I arrived...
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