September 8th, 2001

krazy kat


good: getting up nice and early for the first day of class, all freshly showered and clean.

bad: making it almost all the way to class, and then realizing you forgot to write down what rooms your lectures are in and have to run back to your room (a half mile or so) in 45 degree heat.

good: making it all the way back to the dorm and back (just barely) on time, and then realizing that no-one else is on time anyway.

bad: your friend telling you that the Arabic as a Second Language class is for Arabic speakers; unless you already speak it pretty well, you're in the wrong class (???).

good: going to class anyway and finding out your friend is smoking crack and you're in the right class after all.

bad: discovering that your Physics lab has been moved from Saturday-Monday afternoons to 7:00 AM Sunday-Tuesday.

good: your English prof realizing that you're a native English speaker and don't have to take How to Write English Good 101, but can skip directly to more worthwhile communications courses.

bad: not getting this in writing, so when you actually try to transfer courses, they won't let you and you have to spend half the day tracking the English prof down.

Fucking Awesome: getting everything done by day's end, sitting back and realizing you're actually on the way to getting a real education (if only 5 years late).

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