September 28th, 2001

krazy kat


It's the third day of my illness, and I think I'm pretty much passing the nexus. I'm not much other than a coughing wreck right now and recentlyu I've definitely been wavering the line between deleriousness and coherence. I'm glad it's the weekend; over the last 24 hours I've been exausted and barely awake for the most part. Yet my sleep is fitful and interrupted; rarely lasting more than an hour or two. I have memories, such as staring at the floor and seeing dozens of ants crawling around, that I'm not sure were real, a dream or a hallucination.


But whatever, a couple of days ago (when I was feeling somewhat better) I took the bus into Dubai and saw "Swordfish" with some friends. I don't know ahere all the bad press came from; it's almost enough to make me agree with phobia that all movie reviews are bunk. I really enjoyed it. Yeah, the computer bits, and any time they tried to show someone "hacking" were so stupid and contrived I just about barfed. But aside from that, it was pretty sweet. Unlike, say, AntiTrust. The beginning was very awesome; already probably one of my all-time favourite movie beginnings. And especially in the light of the recent terrorist attacks on the US, very interesting. I'm not sure at all where I stand WRT John Travolta's character. Which (this sort of uncertainty) is often the mark of a good movie (I find).


School is ok. It's pretty boring for the most part; I already know pretty much everything they're teaching in most of my classes (Arabic being the exception -- I am studying harder for that class than I've ever studied for a class in my life, I think; just to keep up). The side effect of this is that everyone comes to me for help. I'm proofreading everyone's English assignments for them (since I speak English better than they do), I'm helping everyone with their Math homework (since I'm a Math Geek); and their Physics homework (same reason). I'm helping everyone with their computer homework (should be obvious why); their VB homework (a class I'm not even taking); their Java homework (a fucking third year class I'm not even taking), and so on.

I can barely sit down in the computer lab (to log onto LiveJournal, Tabnet, check my email, etc.) without someone coming up to me every 20 seconds asking for help. Fuck, I should start posting office hours or something. Or (as my parents suggested) start charging them... I'd be rich in no time :-)
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