October 18th, 2001

krazy kat

Can we say "ridiculous", boys and girls?

Ok, so some of you may know that I am taking this damned STUPID course called CMP111 -- Fundementals of Computing. The only reason I'm taking it is because it's a required course for all CompSci majors at AUS. It's basically a "what is a computer?" course, mixed in with a bit of "how to point and click for drooling morons".

These same people may also know that I have five years professional software development experience (in addition to many more years of screwing around on my computer for fun) and sure as hell do NOT need this shit. Unfortunately, the CS department does not offer any way to challenge or bypass this course. So I'm stuck with five extra hours of boredom each week.

Anyway, the point to this is that we had our first midterm a couple of days ago. Now this has to take the record for the SHORTEST fucking exam I've ever had the displeasure to write in my entire highly exalted life.

We were given an hour and a half to complete the exam. Well, I timed myself. From the moment my paper hit the desk, it took me exactly 1 minute, 47 seconds, and I was finished and outta there.

Oh, yeah. And they posted the results this morning, and I got 100%. Duh.

Like I said, can we say "ridiculous", boys and girls?

(unfortunately, I still can't convince the prof that I don't need this course. sigh)
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