November 13th, 2001

krazy kat

My Name is Bhai... MUM Bhai!

Hee hee

My friends were exposing me to some Hindi Gangsta Rap the other day... I swear, now I've heard everything.

It's really cool right about now... Ram'adhan starts in another couple of days, and everyone's gearing up for it. Personally, I can't wait for it to start. The whole festival air that the country takes on is so awesome... the streets are all lined with coloured (ie: Christmas) lights and whatnot. There's Iftar specials everywhere with free concerts and free food and drag-passers-by-in-off-the-street impromptu parties.

Plus reduced class hours -- hey, you can't beat that. An especially welcome relief since class hours have been extended over the last month to make up for it. It's amazing what a big difference just 20min per class can make. I've been finding it deadly.

But hey... after Saturday, classes will be reduced by 20min.

The weather is also turning colder... down to about 30 degrees in the day and 20-25 at night. We had our first "rainstorm" since I arrived this afternoon. Really just about half an hour of wind and a few raindrops; not enough to make it miserable or to spoil anyone's plans, but enough to be cool.

And the second round of midterms and stuff is finally over -- getting in my COM204 paper was a big relief; I didn't think I'd get it on time for a while there.

Geez I'm excited -- I feel like a kid 3 days before Christmas. Probably just the advent of Ram'adhan. While the big holiday is technically Eid, which comes at the end of Ram'adhan (ie: the middle of December this year), the whole month is totally festive.
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