January 21st, 2002

krazy kat

Stupid questionnaires...

Ok, yes.

After swearing up and down for the last six months that I wouldn't inflict this tripe on anyone, I'm finally posting this stupid-ass long "all about me" quiz. I still firmly (heh heh) stand by my position that it amounts to nothing more than a bunch of typographical masturbation (I mean, everyone loves to talk about themselves, but who wants to hear about anyone else... unless they have some secret crush on them?). So don't read if you don't want to; I won't be offended. I normally skip them.

However, I have decided to make it interesting for whatever readers have struggled this far. I've thought about doing a number of things... such as mix up all the answers, and put them next to a random question.

But then I remembered that I was trying to make it less tedious for the reader, not moreso.

So I figured I'd hit the random link a bunch of times, and post one question/answer pair to the journal of each person I hit, until I got to the end. So I wouldn't have to inflict this on you, but rather just confuse the hell out of a bunch of random LiveJournal'ers. I haven't yet done that, but I'm keeping the idea in reserve.

Then I got the brilliant idea of putting an <IMG> tag beside every question, by way of answer, and dig up interesting images from the internet that I thought would represent my answer graphically. The more cryptic and opaque, the better. Then I got the even more brilliant idea that people might actually want to look at their "friends" pages sometime over the next couple of days without waiting two and a half hours for the page to load.

(However, if there is any demand, I may make such a page and stick it on my webserver or something, and post a link to it here. Let me know if you are at all interested (yeah right).)

So I finally settled on a compromise. I answered all the questions on a sheet of paper (again trying to come up with "interesting" phrasing, as much as the question allowed), entered them into Google, and linked the questions (as they appear here) to the first (non-defunct, non-PDF, etc) result I got back.

Some of them are pretty straightforward (entering my name turns up my resum� as the first hit; how appropriate is that?), many of them less so. It acts more as a "random link" page than anything else, especially down near the end. Enjoy!

(Yes, I know some questions are missing. That's the way I got it)


1. Name 2. Age 3. Where are you from? 4. School 5. Birthday 8. Best friend's name 9. Are you married? 10. Are you single? 11. Boy/Girl friend's name 12. Crush's name 13. Pet's name's 14. Color 15. Food 16. Movie 17. Commercial 18. Song 19. CD 20. Music group 21. Favorite female vocalist 22. Favorite male vocalist 23. Animal 24. Grocery Store 25. Clothing Store 26. Shoe brand 26. Clothing brand 27. Part of the opposite sex's body 28. What would you do on an ordinary weekend 29. Thing to do on the weekend


30. Cat/dog 31. God/devil 32. Tattoos/piercings 33. Top/bottom 34. Phone/in person 35. McDonalds/Burger King 36. Heaven/hell 37. BSB/Nsync 38. Pimp/prostitute 39. Good/bad 40. J-Lo/Mango 41. Britney/Christina 42. Pepsi/coke


43. Friend 44. German 47. Feet 48. Music 49. Love 50. Hate 51. Turtle 52. God 53. Tommy 54. Internet 55. Smoke 56. Drink 57. Anatomy 58. Goodbyes 59. Boat 60. Edward


61. Be an animal, what would you be? 62. Be the president, what would you do? 63. Be your mom, how would you raise you? 64. Be an existing actress, who would you be? 65. Go back in time, would you? 66. Change anything about yourself, what would it be? 67. Date anyone in the world, who would it be 68. Speak another language, what would you speak? 69. Have sex with one person in the world who would it be? 70. Change your name, what would you change it to?

~*30 MORE TO GO*~

71. What's your favorite childhood memory?
(ed. note: that question was SO evil. I just spent the last half hour in painful nostalgia...)

72. How would you describe yourself? 73. Are you smart? 74. Do you do drugs? 75. What's your I.Q.? 76. What do you want to be when you grow up? 77. How many kids do you want to have? 78. What will you name your first child? 79. What time is it? 80. Would you say that you are boring? 81. Would you say you're going to succeed one day? 82. What do you think about September 11th? 83. Do you drive? 84. Do you drink and drive? 85. What's your favorite type of music? 86. What's the most important thing in your life right now? 87. What are you thinking about right now? 88. Do you think some of these questions are dumb? 89. How do you eat a Reese's? 90. How do you eat an Oreo? 91. If you could change one thing in history, what would it be? 92. What do you think about homosexuality? 93. What do you think about interacial dating? 94. Would you ever go on Jerry Springer? 95. How much money is in your pocket? 96. Are you happy that there are only 4 questions left? 97. What's the last thing you ate? 98. What are you doing tomorrow? 99. Who's your hero?


100. If you could make one wish, what would it be?
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