February 24th, 2002

krazy kat


Who was that girl with the frizzy blond hair?
She could play her guitar with her teeth.
Give her a mic in a crowded caf
And she'd ad-lib a song about pizza.

Kalev would fill in the chorus-ey parts
As I stood on the side and just stared.
They'd riff off each other; so enamoured I was
That I asked her to be my new room-mate.

She slept in the loft with her books and her clock
On her mattress plunked down on the floor;
A ladder ascended to take her up there
Precariously at a rakish angle.

We'd a website provided for our little flat
And I put all her songs up on it
So her fame could spread to afficionados
Of improv and frizzy blond hair.
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    Leonard Cohen -- Master Song