March 13th, 2002

krazy kat

98% on my Biology Midterm?!?!?

Holy crap.

If you don't know me that well, that won't mean much.
If you do, well, I'm just as stunned as you are. I was expecting, like, 70%?


Shivering with antici...


(bonus marks to anyone who gets that reference :-)

National programming contest today and tomorrow! Butterflies in the stomach; can't hardly waitbreathe.

Slimy. I feel slimy.

And I just realized it. I've been making a concerted effort since I arrived (6 months ago) to be more outgoing, friendly; effervescent, even. To wrench myself away from the shy (yes, shy. Maybe not around people I know, but around people I don't know) person I was.

And to a large extent, it's worked. Lots of friends easily made, meeting lots of people.

But it's taking its toll. And I'm seriously beginning to feel like it's all a fa�ade, that I'm being untrue to myself (to thine own self always be true, this above all, neh?) in some sense. Slimy, like I said.

But this, as all things, will pass, I'm sure.

(and yeah, where the fawk did this Shakespeare bent come from all of a sudden?)
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