March 14th, 2002

krazy kat


F1rst p0st place!!!

(not that there was any doubt now, was there)?

AUS came 1st, 3rd and 5th overall, with U of Wollongong in 2nd and Etisalat (who have traditionally come in first) down in 4th.

Meaning it's off to the African & Arab regionals in October.

It was interesting. Immediately before the contest started (on both days of competition) we had some religion student go up and do a Qur'an recital for 10 minutes (to bless the contest or something? I dunno). Whatever. Beyond that it was pretty straightforward. A bunch of geeks working their collective asses (or brains, as the case may be) off, trying to write some programs to answer arcane questions that no-one in the real world really cares about anyway.

But whatever. It was fun. If you were one of those geeks :-)

Uh... yeah, that's it. No content to this post, just me gloating. Nothing to see, nothing to see, move along now.
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krazy kat


Yeah! The weekend is here (well, what remains of it, anyway).

College of Arts and Sciences (read: Comp Sci department; that makes about about 50% of the students in CAS and 100% of the school spirit) is organizing a picnic/barbecue at Hatta pools tomorrow.

That's a little oasis way up in the mountains, where water collects out in the open because the canyon is pretty deep. Hence, "pools."

After hell week last week and mad-rush studying for the programming contest, I am so looking forward to it...
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