March 15th, 2002

krazy kat


I just realized that I'm gonna miss St. Paddy's day in a couple of days.

My favourite day of the year! Crud.

And I heard some rumors that when I was at the programming contest on Wednesday (hence missing my Calculus class, among other things), my Calculus prof gave a pop quiz worth 10%.

So that's an automatic 10% off my Calculus mark. Crud.

I read the newspaper headlines. They're all so depressing, like reading down a menu, or something. A menu of the sucky things that go on in this world. Doctors protest.\n Eight men die.\n Body mutilated.\n A disaster waiting to happen.\n Girl abducted.\n Jilted boyfriend sets fire to unfaithful girlfriend.\n Hostages killed.\n

The world is going to hell. Crud.

On the upside, the latest batch of Exploding Dog pics is the best in, like, forever.

Exploding Dog kicks ass. Uh... not crud?

...Nothin' on the top but a bucket and a mop and an illustrated book about birds...
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