March 23rd, 2002

krazy kat

Ok, I have to stop lying to myself...'s time I dropped Arabic.

Last year was great, fun, instructive.

But this year it's just going way to fast for me, and most things are over my head. I guess that's what happens when you're the only non-native speaker in the class. Even though it's Arabic AS A SECOND LANGUAGE, FUCKERS!!!

I just came out of a midterm that was brutal, horrible. I think I failed it. If not, then I cut it pretty close. And the thing is, it was an easy midterm. I mean, I know it was. I could see that she was handing us marks on a silver platter. I could tell. It was a gimme. But I still did shitty as hell. I took the whole hour and couldn't finish it.

It's obvious I don't have what it takes for this course. Maybe I should go take some lower level course somewhere. If I can find it. Although the sucky thing is that this is supposed to be a direct continuation of Arabic as a Second Language I, which I took last term and got a B+.


I've never dropped a course before in my life.

I suck.
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