April 24th, 2002

krazy kat

Fucking Ezz!

Now "Ezz" would refer to "Ezz Taha." He's the -- I don't know -- "student society liaison" in the Student Center. If you want to do anything with one of the student clubs / societies / associations / whatever, you have to go through him. He approves (or denies) club activites, budgets, venues, room reservations, and so on and so forth.

Well. Seeing as how the drama society (which, as an aside, has existed for no less than four years without having managed to stage a single performance to date) seemed to be going absolutely nowhere in one hell of a hurry, I took over.

Which is to say, I got sick of endless meetings whose sole accomplishment was to determine when the next meeting would be. The president of the drama society was... organizationally challenged, to say the least. So I grabbed two of the other, less apathetic people, and decided that we were going to be putting on a performance with or without the drama society's endorsement.

So we decided on a date, script and started rehearsing. In the meantime, the "real" drama society has ceased to even accomplish the little that they had been, and we gained another three actors, so we became the de facto drama society. And the mantle of president (of the society) and producer (of the play) fell upon my (not altogether enthused) shoulders (Dammit Jim, I'm an actor, not a politician!).

Now, this all went down about a month or two ago. At which point I had to deal with Ezz to ensure that we got (A) permission to perform, (B) the scripts approved by the censors, (C) the venue we wanted (D) the budget for costumes, props, etc, (E) permission to advertise.

Despite my utter lack of diplomatic skillz (how did I get roped into being producer again? Ah yes, if you want to get something done, you have to do it yourself), this was all happening (more or less) smoothly and we were on track to perform May 7th. Posters have gone up, notices in the student newspaper, yada yada yada.


And this afternoon, totally out of the blue, he sends me an email, calling me to his office. I go, only to be informed that he's cancelled the performance (reason not given), perhaps we should consider something at the beginning of next term, after the summer holidays.



Fucking Ezz!

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