May 13th, 2002

krazy kat


Only 2 days left!

COM presentation today; went better than expected, all things being equal. I don't really need to work for marks in that course; my English skills is very much good. So I basically decided to goof off and do my presentation (it had to be a Persuasive Speech on a topic of my choosing) on "why AUS should fire its cleaning staff and hire students instead." Rather controversial when one realizes that people doing manual labour are quite looked down upon in this culture. So in other words, I decided to be a shit-disturber, just for the hell of it.

Then a week or so ago, I decided I actually cared, and put some effort into making it good (this presentation was in lieu of a final exam, since it's a "public speaking" class). Which was extra challenging given the topic I had chosen (and could not change at that late date). So like I said, all things considered, it went really well.

Anyhow, tomorrow I have a Biology presentation to do (an oral presentation of my research report on "Camel Behaviour"; I have previously mentioned this on here). Which, since I have already done the report, basically involves pulling a bunch of appropriate pictures off the net, sticking them into a PowerPoint file, and reading my report out loud, referencing my pictures as I go along. Despite the god-awful subject, I think my report is actually half-decent. It's on using aspects of Camel reproductive and mating behaviour as an aid in saving the last remaining herds of the endangered wild Bactrian Camel in China's Gobi Desert. Which sounds boring as hell when I put it like that, but it's a biology class, so what do you expect? Anyway, I think it'll go well.

Then on Wednesday I have my Arabic final exam (yes, despite my doom-and-gloom outlook a month or two back, I've managed to stick with the Arabic and actually forsee the possibility of passing this damn course. Weekly one-on-one sessions with my prof have figured prominently in this determination).

And then I'm DONE! Yay!

(Well, actually, no. I will still have 3 more final exams. But I'll be done with classes! Yay! And the remaining exams are spread out enough that the "pressure" -- such as it is -- will ease up significantly)

Looking forward to that, for sure.
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