May 21st, 2002

krazy kat


The guys have discovered my poke-a-phobia.

Looking forward to 3 more years of hell :-/
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krazy kat

Subconscious Patterings of Elvish Withercorns

So this is probably going to be an "obligation" post -- as in, I don't really have anything to say, as such, but feel obligated to post something, seeing as how it's been almost a week since I last wrote anything of consequence. You know the feeling, I'm sure.

I suppose I could just put up more pictures of cute kittens, but that gets monotonous after a while.

Actually I lied. Obligation isn't the main purpose behind this post; procrastination is. I have 2 final exams tomorrow morning (in almost exactly 12 hours from now) that I'm trying to put off studying for. Well, I don't really need to study much for Biology, but I do Calculus. I'm probably not going to study for it until the last minute, though, and will end up failing and having to repeat it this summer. Which kinda sucks, but it's not the end of the world. I have the time to spare, and I am allowed to fail one course without getting my funding cut off.

Anyhow, after that I just have my Java exam on Sunday, which I predict will take me less than 10 minutes to complete, and I certainly won't bother studying for. Actually, I can skip the final altogether and still net a B+ in the course. However it's no skin off my back to go, so I will.

Arabic results were posted yesterday and I just squeaked by with a C-. So *whew!* or something. Mainly because I pulled my grades up in the last couple of weeks. In public speaking I got an A-... a so-so grade, but I didn't really try. So I don't care.

<TECH-BABBLE>So yeah, enough of that. starslab got my beleaguered MrHat MrBSD up and running so at long last I have a server again! I am soooo happy! Severe withdrawl pangs for a while there! All I have to to is get MySQL up and configured properly, and she'll be as good as new! I have 12 days after my exams are over until the summer term starts; I'm planning on being back in Abu Dhabi at my parents' place then and I'll get that fixed up, along with some long-overdue work on choparp for the aforementioned Starslab.</TECH-BABBLE>

After that, summer term is 7 weeks long, then back in AD for another 4 weeks of holiday until the beginning of the fall term. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it back to Vancouver this summer (as I'm sure you have guessed); I just can't find any way to afford the airfare...

So I'm looking at going out with some friends to see Star Wars after my exams, either tomorrow (Wed.) evening or Friday. Not sure exactly when... depends on when people are free. Not sure if I'm looking forward to it or not. It's as much an "end of term celebration" thing as anything else. Not a movie I'd probably see in the theaters by myself. I've heard such mixed reviews on the movie... I'd say that as many people hated it as loved it, so. It also seems that for the most part, it's the people who didn't think Ep.I was all that bad that don't like II. A group I count myself in. O well. I'll see, I guess.

On Thursday, I'm heading down to the American University of Dubai to catch a show. Unlike our miserable excuse for a drama society, theirs is actually semi-active, and has managed to stage a performance not only this year, but last year as well. Fark. Hey, we were ready to stage something, before the administration intervened...! (The loyal audience is referred to my previous entry entitled Fucking Ezz.). Grr... I'm still a bit steamed over that.

Anyhow, AUD is the main "cross-town" (after a fashion) rival university to AUS. While we're not exactly in direct competition (AUD's strength is business; AUS' is engineering and architecture), students of both love nothing more than to hate each others' collective guts. And it pisses me off that they're able to pull this off and we haven't. Especially since we're twice the size.

Anyhow, enough ranting.

I'm going to go and check it out; see if I can steal any ideas from them. I'm still busy trying to write my own play -- although it's coming slowly, it is coming. I have about 20 pages or so written, with another 50 of notes, I think. Suffering from a touch of featureitis, one might say. But it will be finished some day; this I swear!

Oh, yay! The mercury hit 45 degrees today! Now we'll have about 10 days of brilliant weather before the humidity kicks in. That's the worst part about the summer here, really, the humidity (which often reaches 100% on the coast where Sharjah and Abu Dhabi are). Which is why I'd prefer to live in Al Ain (where I used to, and which is inland, thus no humidity). O well. It's not a huge deal. And yes, Phobia, I know you prefer the humidity. Most sane people don't. (Then again... most sane people aren't too keen on the 45+ temperatures, either...)

So yeah, I guess that's about it. For now.

Oh..... what the hell...

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