May 24th, 2002

krazy kat

A Wattledong of Flying Truffleskips

So yeah. Went to AUD's drama thing today. Went with Tareq (whose sister was in the performance, so he was able to score cheap tix), Sara -- Tareq's ex and also in the AUS drama club (such as it is) with me -- and uh... Samira and Lara, a couple friends of Sara's. Spent most of the day driving around and waiting for people; Sara had her wallet stolen yesterday, so we had to go to the bank to get her a replacement credit card and stuff. Not aided by the fact that it's the weekend, and a long weekend at that (prophet Mohammed's birthday on Friday).

So cue three hours in the bank. Then Tareq (driving) had to go off and help his parents with something, so he dropped the girls and I off at the mall for a couple more hours. We wandered around for a while, the girls in some sort of doomed exercise involving deciding what clothes to buy, and me being dragged along (having nothing better to do anyway).

Then the girls realized the futility of their endeavour and Samira was getting hungry, so we went to Virgin to eat (Virgin Megastores here have an attached café). This was fun; the girls had an hour-long conversation about who was hotter, Bruce Willis, Kenneth Branagh, or the guy standing in the corner with the turtleneck. Lara and I trying to convince Sara that focaccia bread is good when dipped in garlic, oil and malt vinegar. I had Tom Yam soup. It's Thai (I think) in origin. Maybe Hong Kong-ese. Basically hot (spicy) soup with lemongrass and prawns. Overpriced but most excellent. Actually, everything at Virgin is overpriced. Music included. After much teasing by the girls (can't remember the exact details -- mostly has to do with Sara's insistence that she would stop at nothing to marry me if it weren't for the fact that I don't like Kenneth Branagh. She thinks I'm just jealous, and that my jealousy is unbecoming... and she just might be right), I wandered over to Mr. Turtleneck brooding in the corner and relayed some of the prior conversation to him. Especially the juicy bits involving the girls' infatuation with him.

Yes, it was juvenile. Yes, it was immature. Yes, I would do it again. More than twice. The look on the girls' faces when he eagerly approached was just too priceless. Hey, it was all in fun.

Unfortunately, they were saved by Tareq phoning and saying he was waiting downstairs to pick us up.

Fast-forward to the drama performance. Fast being the operative word. Tareq drives much faster than I. 200km/h on Sheikh Zayed Road (a busy 8-lane freeway right through the middle of Dubai). Eek! This entailed more waiting, for the play to start at 8:00 (7:00 being the advertised curtain time). The play was fun and I was seething with jealousy. It was some sort of comedy thing, and I've never been good with comedy. So yeah, it was pretty hilarious. It featured this utterly inspired 300-pound woman who featured, er, prominently in most of the scenes. Some of the humour was "Arabic" humour and went right over my head. But a lot of it was pretty funny. We have our work cut out for us. It was also written by AUD students, which didn't healp my jealousy much.

So yeah, after this, there was another hair-raising 200km/h journey back from AUD. Stopped at the Italian Connection, a nice Italian restaurant in Dubai for dinner. Meanwhile, someone had phoned Sara to tell her her wallet had been found. This makes Sara super-happy and she buys dinner (pizza! yay!) for everyone, including a friend of Lara's who just happened to be wandering by, and sat down with us. This was good as the Italian Connection is even more expensive than Virgin, and there's no way I could have afforded it.

They had very good pizza though. And even better ice cream. And judging by the reaction of Sara, even more superlative coffee. Actually, Sara was this super-hyper "too much coffee woman" all day today. Hyper-giggling-ninja-chick! Yeah!

Um, so then we came home and got in 5 mins before curfew. And that's it. And I had lots of fun. Yeah.

Best SWEpII Review EVAR!!! (MAJOR SPOILER WARNING: the entire plot is discussed.)

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Stolen from starslab (Who stole it from Lunacella, who stole it from MinisterPhobia, who stole it from Pancua....)

People on your friends list: 8
Who you've met in person: 7
Whose house you've been to: 7 (as long as you can go back 12 months)
Whose full name you know off-hand: 7
Who you've known for more than three years: 7
Whom you've lived with: 1
Who are exes: 0
Who you've "done": 0
Who you would do: 0
Who live outside your country: 8
Who you have a secret crush on: 0
krazy kat


Most people's exams ended last week, and so left on Wednesday (a few stuck around til yesterday though). There's only a small handful of people who have exams on Sunday (why, oh why did they load all the exams before the long weekend except for two of them?).

Meaning everyone has left and this place is dead. There's only, like, 3 people left in my dorm (aside from me) and I don't particularly like any of them. More of the same applies to the campus at large.

Fawk this place is empty. And fawk I'm b0red.

I'm too b0red to even post a cute kitten picture.
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