June 8th, 2002

krazy kat

You know you're a math geek when...

So the current poll on Slashdot is about one's favourite mathematical equation. Due to some egregious oversight on the part of the editors, the equation e^(Pi*i)+1 = 0 was left out, and in the pursuant discussion about why it is such a good equation, some ascerbic wit noted that it was because it was "much cooler than the equation e^(Pi*i)^0 = 1."

Which left me in stitches for a good couple of minutes.


O well, since I know that will pass most of you by, I leave you with another kitten picture. Kittens are always good.

O, nice kitty! Nice kitty... okay... good kitty... nice... hey! Down, kitty! Down! Aaaaaaaaaaggghh! Aiiiieee!!!!! Help!

(I crushing your head.)
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