June 9th, 2002

krazy kat


Why do I post?

Oh yeah, I'm bored.

Back in Sharjah. School starts tomorrow. Still didn't get choparp finished... sorry Starslab. Fucking mrhat kept me busy. Didn't get mysql running either. Strikes me I also have a couple little bugfixes for tpost that I've been putting off forever... sorry Etana. Where did the holiday go?


I hate promising to do stuff and then not doing it.

...actually I lied. World Cup kept me busy for the most part. Even more unforgiveable...

(Hmm... I can probably get tpost bugs fixed from here, now that I think of it. Should probably do that now. Note to self: hit self on head sometime soon.)

Old dorm closed for summer; in a new dorm for the next six weeks. Nice dorm; I have my own kitchen and bathroom now! (This room is too expensive for the normal term, but it's the cheapest class that they bother opening during the summer.) Yay fridge!

Also have the most craptastic toilet imaginable. It won't flush. And I discover this AFTER I use it. Have to drag out the maintenance guys at 10:30 PM to fix it. Even after fixing, it's still flaky. O well, I'll just time my bathroom trips so that I can go in some other toilet.

Yes, excitement.

Nausheen gone for the summer. Sigh.

O well, there's always email.

Hard to tell if I'll have a roommate or not. Looks like I won't -- I hope this is the case. Everyone "in the know" says that the guy who's normally in that room is the roommate from hell. "Psycho Punjabi," they call him. Don't know the guy myself, and haven't heard any specifics, but it sounds ominous. Most people think he's gone for the summer, though. I hope so.

Because most of the dorms are closed during summer, everyone gets shunted into the two remaining open buildings. Meaning all my neighbours got mixed around. And all my new neighbours are my friends! Yay! In my old building, I didn't really know most of the people around very well, but now, all 5 or 6 rooms down on either side are filled with my best friends. Eee-jashaaaaaaannnnnnn!**

Went down to Fine Fair last night to get some food to fill my fridge with. Got a couple shawarmas for dinner while I was there. Really cute wadi (alley) cat playing around the shawarma stand. Just a little tiny kitten, probably no more than a couple weeks old. Mewling and gnawing at the base of the shawarma grill. It could barely walk, and kept trying to climb up the curb that was there, but couldn't quite reach it and kept falling down. I fed it some chicken from my shawarma.

Then the shawarma guy noticed it and started shouting at it, so it waddled/ran away and cowered behind some rocks. Poor kitty. Mean shawarma man. Boo.

Guilty pleasures: no matter how much I try not to, I can't help really liking Alanis Morissette.

Um yeah. That's it. Can't think of anything else exciting. Buh-bye.

**Party Time!
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