June 16th, 2002

krazy kat

They are called "Peace-Loving Food"!

Happy Father's day!

(Ok, so I don't think there are any fathers reading this -- if so, we have a buttload of catching up to do. Then again, I know I've gained a few new readers recently whom I don't know personally, so maybe I do after all...)

One week into summer term; things are going well. I have a job here marking papers, which brings in a bit of extra cash. I was going to have a job at the IT department, but they bailed on me at the last minute and got me this job marking papers instead. I kinda got screwed, since I would have made more working in IT, but whatever; this is more enjoyable. Plus this looks like it'll continue in the fall, and be supplemented by more marking (currently I'm marking Computer Engineering papers; come September I'll be marking Comp Sci papers as well). So all in all, I'll have some half-decent income. Either way, I'm being kept busy, especially when you add in the French lessons I'm giving Amit (see previous post for elaboration).

And we're already a week into the term -- which is only just over 6 weeks to begin with. Wow, I knew (obviously) the term would be short, but this is SuperShort (TM)!

It's that time of year now. All the palm trees are beginning to bear fruit. Er, rather, the fruit they bear is turning ripe. They're all date palms in this part of the world (well, there are a few coconut palms, but rare -- they don't grow here naturally and so are imported and mostly decorative; non fruit-bearing).

Which is cool... for the last couple months, huge bunches of green dates have been hanging off of each and every tree (and there are probably a thousand or more trees just on campus), and now they're finally turning nice and crimson.

When walking to class in the morning (about a 10 minute walk from my dorm to the academic buildings), I go along this street that has a long string of palm trees along either side. There's about 15 of them on the stretch that I walk along, and they're spaced the perfect distance apart so that I can pluck a date from one, pop it in my mouth, and reach the next tree just as I'm finishing the first. Yay free breakfast!

Soooo good.... (but so fattening; fresh dates are almost 100% pure sugar. O well; it's only for the next month or so).

Hippie stoners pitching personal movie projects; pissed-to-the-gills actors trying to slur their way through commercial takes; idiots jumping off treetops; self-help groupies crying that they just want someone to touch them... what do they have in common?

They're all the subject matter of various bizarre and unintentionally hilarious videos to be found on this page. Left field, indeed!

Had something else to post about but can't remember it now. Maybe later.

Oh, and what would a mrputter post be without the obligatory kitten picture?

Shhh... don't wake me up!
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