June 30th, 2002

krazy kat

Yawning Treetop Blues

It's hard to imagine, but as of today, the summer term is already half over. Wow. It seems like we only started yesterday... However, when all is said and done, we have had two midterms already, so I guess it's not just a dream.

I'm taking (as I may have mentioned) Java II and Discrete Math this term, and am 0wning in both of them (no big surprise). The compressed class format kicks ass -- too bad they don't follow it for the whole academic year. 6 terms of 6 weeks apiece, at 2 coursess a term. I could totally handle that. This is totally working for me.

Unfortunately, that fantasy will have to remain just that. O well. Virtual shrug.

The downside to the summer term is that AUS is running the LEAP program concurrently. LEAP is a summer program for teaching English to high-school kids. So blech. This means that the campus (not to mention the dorm) is currently inundated by hordes of annoying little 16 year-old wannabe punk kids with spiky hair, earrings and more testosterone than body mass.

GOD I want out of here NOW!!!

So yeah. Not sure what I'm gonna be doing in 3 weeks when the term is over. Going back to Abu Dhabi and kicking back at my parents' for the next month, I guess. Not a hell of a lot else to do.

Lemme rephrase that; not a hell of a lot else to do on my (miniscule) budget. Yeah, I am doing some TA'ing, but only for one course. Also, being the summer term, he's not giving out very many assignments, meaning I'm only really making enough money to buy essentials through the summer. Grr. O well; next term, I'll be -- insha'allah -- TA'ing 3 courses in addition to working at the IT dept (who, I think I mentioned, jilted me this term). So that should translate into cash levels on the other side of "negligible."

And that's really it. The life of a student: blah, blah, blah, school, blah, blah, school, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Such excitement.

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