July 14th, 2002

wailing wall

So angry, I still can't type straight.

Some asshead has been stealing extension cords from the computer lab recently (with the summertime reduced staff, there's no security). Yeah, the FUCKING cords that the computers need to be plugged into and won't work without.

From 4 cords at the beginning of term, we're down to 1 as of yesterday. I've been doing the mad scramble, shuffling computers around to that they're near enough to the outlets to be plugged in.

(It doesn't help that some jerkwad has been cutting the padlocks and stealing stuff from the innards either.)

So I go in to do some work earlier, there's 1 computer free. Why? Because fuckwits are watching movies and playing games on the other ones. So I sit down at the one free computer, turn it on, and... nothing. You got it. No extension cord. No space to move it to so it can be plugged in to the wall, either.


Quick search of the room yields nothing.

After 20 minutes of running around campus, begging and pleading for a single extension cord that I can borrow for 45 minutes to get some work done, I finally score one, go back to the lab, plug in and turn the computer on. And the network cable is also gone.

Whatever, I can get one more of those.

Finally get the computer going, only to have the person I borrowed it come in saying she needs the cord for something and I can't have it after all. It's at this point that I notice that the cumsuckers on the next computer watching FUCKING Harry Potter have stolen the extension cord so they can plug their speakers into it. And did they say anything when I was obviously looking for it earlier? Hell, no.

I try and get it back, they won't let me. Argument ensues, prof comes in to check out the commotion and rules they can keep it.

Lemme get this straight. I'm trying to get an assignment done. In a lab designated for that purpose. But can't. Because the only extension cord is being used to plug speakers into. By people watching a fucking Harry Potter movie. In a computer science lab. When they're not even cs students and shouldn't be in the lab in the first place. And this is a-okay. Hello?

Fuckheads. All of them.
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