July 27th, 2002

krazy kat

So here's the situation...

About a week ago, I installed (at his behest) Linux on a friend's system. He has some notion of running a cluster or somesuch (he's a big time hardware nut) and figures Linux would be the best way of doing so. In the meantime, he's warming up to the system (previous experience is limited to Winders) by using it as a desktop machine.

When we were on campus, I set it up to use the university network, no problem.

So now he gets home and is trying to connect to Etisalat (Emirates Internet) via modem. Mind he has no prior experience with this sort of thing. So he phones me up. I try to use the easy GUI ppp utils that come with X, but to no avail (not sure what the problem is; they just don't work. whatever -- I have no experience with them anyway).

Well that's cool, he wants to learn Unix anyway. So I've been spending the last several hours dictating shell scripts to him (he who has no Unix experience). From memory. Over the phone. Long distance.


Remind me not to try this again.
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