August 11th, 2002

krazy kat

Censorship vs Leetness. Oh, and cute kittens.

Wow. It's been a long time since I last posted.

So what's up? I dunno... I guess I've been largely distracted by GeekOrgy. Not that there's really anything inherent in the site to recommend it. But its latest incarnation (about a month or two old) is more focused around a message board system than... well, I don't remember what the focus of its initial appearance was. I don't think there really was one... maybe that's why it didn't really last long.

So yeah, I've been spending so much time on there (in the same league as the amount of time spent on tabnet) that I've kinda neglected LiveJournal.

But I digress.

It's the middle of summer now (of course), and another 47-degree day in paradise! Of course it's also quite humid. Summer around here brings humidity more than heat (at least on the coast where I spend most of my time). I was out and about earlier today and so am pretty hot and sweaty right now (like you really needed to know that).

I was out, um, doing what? Well, I kind of splurged today. Not that there's any real occasion, I just felt like splurging. So I walked up to Popeye's (a KFC clone) where they have an all-you-can-eat lunch for about $CA 5. I discovered that along with my smaller frame (down to 185 pounds! Yeah!), I will no longer be able to win any eating contests any time soon. I only managed 4 pieces of chicken (in addition to some fries, cold slop, etc). Wow. That's a change. But I also snuck out a piece of chicken & some fries for dinner tomorrow. Or something.

On the way back, I -- seeing as how I felt so hot -- ducked inside Abu Dhabi Mall for a bit to cool off. While there I grabbed a new mouse pad for my computer ($CA 2 and badly needed) from the Co-op, and checked out what was new at Virgin Megastore.

Hee hee. Virgin has a new ad campaign running these days:

Well, I find it funny, anyway. Maybe it helps if you live (or have lived) here. Because then you'd know that those black scratches are all over everything. Ubiquitous is an understatement.

Unfortunately, it (the assertion in that ad) is so not true. Not that it matters since I don't have money to spend on music these days, but there are so many things that this place doesn't carry that aren't (or at least would have no reason to be) banned. Sigh. O well... it's still probably the best there is (or pretty close anyway... I still haven't checked out Tower Records, since the only ones are in places really inconvenient to me, but I have no reason to expect they'd be any better).

Actually the best music store in the country in terms of selection is -- of all places -- the Dubai Airport Duty Free. Unfortunately, you have to actually be going somewhere to go there, since it's on the other side of security.

I'm thinking that maybe if we do well at the ACM contest in Egypt in October, I'll reward myself with a new CD. Or something.

Hm. Speaking of doing well, summer term is indeed over (that's why I'm in Abu Dhabi), and I kiX0red assz0r in all my courses, getting a 4.0 GPA that term. Go me.

Of course they were all easy topics, so. But next term, I'm finally, FINALLY going to be getting some money. I'm going to be TA'ing 5 courses, and working at the IT department. Well, probably not all of that -- I'm going to pick and choose, based on hours and pay and stuff. But that's whats available to me.

Or have I mentioned that already? Yeah, I think so. Actually, I already TA'd one course this last term, but it was only a summer term, and only one course, so there wasn't much money involved. And then, the dumbass doesn't bother turning in my pay slip at the end of term, so the finance department has no record of my working there, and won't pay me. "No problem!" He says, "You can pick up (your cheque) in September!".

Yeah. Whatever. Asshead.

Er, so that's why I'm broke right now.

But whatever. It's not like there's much to spend money on anyways (other than CDs, which I don't need, and GO, which... well, I will do. When I have money).

Hmm... so what else?

Oh yeah. I've been spending my holidays getting caught up with the various programming jobs I've promised to people. TibetanPost is all up to speed! Yeah! I'm getting back to work on choparp for starslab! Yeah!

Hee hee. And I did this for GeekOrgy. It's stupid and dumb, but what the hell. Actually it was a request, but whatever. It's something to go on the resumé, I guess? Actually, I'll probably leave this one off.

Umm, so yeah. I guess that's it. Wow. A post.

Obligatory cute kitten picture:
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