August 25th, 2002

krazy kat

Ummm... yeah.

One year?


One year!

Ummm... yeah.

A while ago it seemed amazing. I couldn't believe that it was almost a full year. But now it seems about right. Maybe it just took me a while to get used to the idea. Or something.

And I moved back into AUS a couple days ago. Typically, the IT department had their collective heads up their collective... uh... patooties, and so no net connection for a while. Besides, I was busy. But now everything seems to be running -- if not smoothly, then at least as smoothly as could be expected.

Do you really care what classes I'm taking?

Well, too bad. I want to ramble, and it's my journal, dammit! Um, more math than I expected. Since I only registered this morning (I had preregistered, but true to form, they screwed it up and I had to start all over. A successful pre-registration here is kind-of like BigFoot: rumored to exist, but proof is fleeting.) I ended up with different classes than intended. Anyhow. Three (three? THREE!) math classes -- Calculus (last one! yea!), Intro to Stats and Linear Algebra. One CS course (Digital Systems -- was also gonna take Data Structures, but because of reg screwups, ended up taking Stats instead), and Theme I.

Theme I -- that should be interesting. It's a required course (Theme I thru IV) for all AUS students. It's called the Andalusian Symbiosis, and revolves around the interface between Arab and Western cultures; as seen in literature, architecture and so on. Most people hate it (primarily because it supposedly involves a lot of work) but I think it should prove interesting. Time, of course, will tell all.

One thing I've really noticed in the last couple of days. It's dark. It actually gets dark here! Like, I can close the blinds in my room and it gets dark. I didn't really notice it before, but now having spent the last month or more in Abu Dhabi, it makes a real difference. Since my parents' apartment is, like, right in the middle of town, there's lights all around from the other buildings, and it never really gets all that dark. Even when I close the blinds, it's still super-light in the room. At 4 AM. And it was beginning to totally get on my nerves, since I HATE trying to sleep when it's light. I can't stand it; just cannot get to sleep at all. And it was driving me nuts in Abu Dhabi.

But here on campus... ahhh, blessed darkness.

So... hum. The summer break was fun, I guess. And I'm glad I hat it -- I needed a break. But kinda boring being cooped up in Abu Dhabi for 5 weeks with precious little to do. This place is so dead in the summer. I got a bunch of stuff done (mostly catching up with various and sundry programming jobs that are hard to do from school due to the firewall).

Except choparp. Andrew, I am so sorry for still fucking STILL not having gotten that done. It is totally haunting me. And every time I think I have it and go to test it, it craps out on me and fucking doesn't work and I get frustrated and I don't know why it doesn't work and I just bury it (however metaphorically) at the bottom of the directory tree and I don't want to even think about it for a week. Whereupon I try again and the cycle repeats. Waaaaah! I feel such guilt.

Erm, yeah.

And that really is about it. Little worthy of telling happened during the summer, and being the week before classes start, little worthy of telling is going to happen any time soon, so there's, uh, little worthy of telling.

My Hindi still sucks ass.

Cute kittens.

Well... maybe not cute.

Artificial kittens.

All the lovin' technology can provide.


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So they wake me up at 8:00 this morning and kick me out of the room so they can rip out all the key-locks and install card-locks in all the doors.

And I get back at 5:00 to find the door wide open (along with everybody else's), with all my stuff (computer, CDs, etc.) in plain view. Because all the locks are installed, but they don't have any cards for them yet. And won't have until "Tuesday, insha'allah." Meaning if the door is closed without anyone in the room (to open it from the inside), there's no way of opening the door.

So yeah. For the next two days, we're all going to have to put up with our doors being left wide open all day or be locked out.

Thanks, assheads.
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