September 16th, 2002

krazy kat

Busy, busy, ever so busy

Yes, that pretty much covers it. I'm super-loaded busy. Classes, work (in the Office of Student Affairs), TA'ing (no, that's teacher's assistant, not tits and ass... get yer mind out of the gutter), programming team practice sessions, homework, drama club, debate club, aack!

By the time I'm finished with the daily activities, I just fall asleep. And as soon as I get up, it's time to go to class.

So busy that I didn't even get a chance to get on the net at all yesterday (other than having MSN open in the corner while I was working). Erk.

But really, I like being busy. I'm pretty much inertia personified. The whole law about an object at rest tending to stay at rest so applies to me. As does the inverse; specifically, that a busy object tends to remain busy. So as long as I'm overloaded with work, I will keep on working until it's done, and totally do not suffer from the procrastination bug. So right now, all my assignments and studying are actually getting done on time! Whereas when I have more slack time, things stand a much higher chance of getting put off until well past the last advisable minute.

So yeah. Granted it's only, like, 4 weeks into term so far ("only"?! How time flies!), but so far I'm sitting at 100% in every single class. Awbjyeah. Not sure how long that'll continue (total term is 14-weeks), of course, but I'm already having fanciful visions of a 4.0 GPA.

HAH! Time to lay off the hallucinogens, methinks.

Umm, yeah. So busy. Time to get back to work.

Hm. Finally bought myself a lemon strainer / juicer the other week. It's amazing how good (and cheap!) fresh-made lemonade is. Why did I never discover this earlier?? Lemons cost $CA 0.80 a kilo here! That's, like, less than a nickel a glass! And so so good, too!

Yum. I love lemonade.


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