October 3rd, 2002

krazy kat

The Neuron-Synapse Resonance Matrix

It would so appear that my LiveJournal is suffering something of a slow period in terms of posting frequency, ne?

Possiblymaybeperhaps because I'm so busy. But I've used that excuse before and we just explored that road. So no. So I have no good excuse. And you know what? That's FINE.

Hm, I'm in a silly mood. I didn't realize I was; leastwise not until I started writing.

I don't feel silly; I just feel tired. BUT HEY. They're one and the same, no? No. No? Oh. Ok, then.

Last night I had a mathematical dream. I was trying to explain my theory regarding the solvability of Binary Rooted Trees to some wise elder (?professor?) who knew infinitely more mathematics than I did, and was tolerating my self-righteous assertions with a patiently amused, yet patronizing, silence. Which is probably all very well, since there was a hole in my theory.

This was a beneficial dream, as when I woke up this morning, I dragged out the papers and -- lo and behold -- there was indeed a hole in my proof just where I dreamt it would be. But in my dream, the prof didn't point it out (or say anything, for that matter) just patiently waited for me to tire myself out and find the hole myself by trying to explain it. I was pissed off as all hell at him in my dream, but in retrospect, I realize he was a pretty wise dream-professor.

Except in my dream, I tried fixing it by converting the lambda function e(p,k) := [2*Prod(i=1..p-1)(k-i)]^(k-p) into e(p,k) := [2p!]^(k-(p+1)). And then when I woke up, I realized it was instead the recursive e(p,k) := [e(p-1,k-1)-p]+[p*e(p,k-1)]. This probably because in my dream, I was also infusing elements of my summation of primes solution from the previous paper. Which didn't help.

And now I suspect that all that went over most of your heads anyway. But, hey. I found and fixed the hole and was able to present the correct solution to the rest of my programming team. And they understood it.


So, um, yeah. I've been on a total Hermann Hesse binge recently. My friend Amit finally got me to read The Glass Bead Game (which I had actually been meaning to do for a long time, but couldn't figure out where to find a copy until, like, a month ago, when it hit me that the AUS library probably had one. And so it did). And so I read it. And went to discuss it with him.

But couldn't.

Because he hadn't read it all the way through himself yet?!?!?!???


But it was still cool, and so I promptly tore through Der Steppenwolf, Siddhartha and Demian in quick succession. A reverse-chronological exploration of Hesse's Greatest Hits! Yeah. That probably also explains the messed-up dreams.

And I'm also the vice-president of the AUS debating team. We're trying to set up a debate (which we will win hands-down, but shall be fun nonetheless) with the Zayed University team. Yes, this would be the same Zayed University of which my mother is the department head in charge of the Critical Thinking program. Hee hee. This shall be fun, thinks I.

But such stupid rules. Regarding topics on which we will and will not be allowed to encroach. Not entirely unexpected rules, but stupid nonetheless. We will not be allowed to so much as mention the {UAE|Sharjah} government, let alone discuss it or its policies. The latter condition I can understand, but the former?

Dumb. Dee-You-Em. Dumb.

Hum. And it also looks like I will be finagled into being the president of the AUS' ACM chapter. Sigh. I already have no time -- how do I get into these things?

Oh, well. I've signed up with Habib's again... except they're not called Habib's any more; rather something else which I can't remember. Meaning I get food delivered to me rather than having to scout it out for myself. Which is always cool. More time saved. Costs me a bit more money (about $CA 40 per month, rather than $25), but it's half-decent, and it saves me time. AND AND AND AND... and now with my two jobs, I can afford it.

Payday, um, Sunday? Maybe Monday? $CA 400. Four Hundred. FOUR HUNDRED... FOUR. FUCKING. HUNDRED. DOLLARS. For one month's work??? Yipppeeee!! I'm rich! Rich, I tell you!

Well, actually that depends. I found out just recently that students are only allowed to work a maximum of 10 hours per week... and with my two separate jobs (Student Center and Grader; neither boss knows about the other), it's actually coming out to about 15. So I'm just sitting and hoping/expecting that the finance department will be so typically incompetent they won't notice, and will instead just issue me two cheques.

Yeah, I'm pretty certain that's just what will happen. I didn't do it on purpose, honest! I didn't know the limit existed!

And. Four hundred bucks! Wo0t!

Holyfuckingshitthishasbeenalongpost. I think I'd be better off stopping now.

Meow, meow, meow, purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...
Tummy rub, please!
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