October 24th, 2002

krazy kat


One week to Cairo. So much practice. My head is in a state of perpetual hurting-ness. At least it's keeping me super-busy, and my mind off... other things...

And I guess that's a good thing... right?

And it leaves me with so little time to tend to computer-ish things. I'm totally falling behind on my debate club duties (which despite appearances are intimately related to being online).

And now I just skim LJ/GO/Tabnet, without really posting... if even that. I always have things I intend to post, but just don't have the energy, and so adopt a mental "fuck it all" attitude and don't.

Took a bunch more pics with a friend's digital camera over the last week, but haven't found the time to upload to my server.
Well, that's not entirely accurate; it's not a matter of time, so much -- as I intimated -- as energy.

For instance, I have taken up running again. Which is cool. I forgot (well, not forgot; more pushed to the back of my mind) how much I liked running. So now I spend an hour-and-some-odd every day on a little run. There's a 5km (give-or-take) ring road around the outside of campus, so two laps around that gives me a 10km run every evening, just before dinner. So yeah, then I come in all ravenous and hungry and gobble it down. Yum!

But yeah, I have time for that. Time isn't so much at a premium, as is energy. Specifically, mental energy. Physically, I'm in fine form. Better than I have been in years.

Hum. This is coming out all disjointed. I have things I'm intending to write, then I type them, and look at what I've just typed, and... what? Did I just write that? No flow whatsoever.

And basically can't be bothered to put in the effort to gather it up and shape it into prose more coherent. Blah.

Er, anyway. "Fuck it all."

We spent this morning on practice problems for the World Finals (nothing like being over-prepared) so my head is experiencing super-duper-pain right now. Those problems will kick your ass and eat it for breakfast. And damn, it, they LOOK simple, too!

Like, for example: Given a number n in the range (1, 22000), what are the first 9 digits of the nth Prime Fibonacci? (Where a Prime Fibonacci is defined as a number that is prime entirely within the set of Fibonacci numbers.)

Looks simple, no? Problem can be stated in just 2 lines. Actually, half a line if you use proper mathematical symbols and aren't restricted by plaintext.

And it took us THREE HOURS this morning to come up with a solution -- and it's dubious whether that solution can be computed within the 8-second / 32-MB constraints. Blah.

Meh. Meh. Meh. Too tired. Er, mentally exausted. Need sleep. But that's a different problem. Is it just me, or are all my posts whining harangues these days?

I kick you ass.

Well... either that or I hypnotize you. You...are...getting...sleepy...you...are...getting...zzzzzzzzzz........
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