October 26th, 2002

wailing wall

Just Anger. No Butterflies.

Don't worry. You probably interpreted the subject wrong. If you understand it, you'll know. If you're not sure, you don't understand it.

But that's fine, because it wasn't meant for you, anyway.

So angry. So tense. Upcoming ACM regionals in Cairo have me wound up tighter than a yo-yo after an unfortunate mishap with the tornado.

And so I've been taking it out on people. On everyone. For the last 3 or 4 days, I've been yipping and snapping and sniping and snarling at everyone. Don't get in my way, lest you be my next victim! Snap snap snap; growl growl growl; bitch bitch bitch. Yell. Scream. Swear. Throw things.

Spazz Out.

If nothing else, I'll be glad to get this over with, just so's I can settle down and talk to people normally, without wanting to tear their heads off every couple of seconds. All my friends are avoiding me right now, I think. Which is probably for the best. Since I've yelled and screamed at all of them recently. More than twice.

Hell, I'd avoid me, too.

Such frayed nerves. So so tense. Total stress-out.

Fuck off, asshole.
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    Simon and Garfunkel -- Bridge Over Troubled Water