December 6th, 2002

krazy kat

Eid Mubarak 'Eleykum, Koll Ahad.

Yeah, I'm bored. There's absolutely no-one here for the holidays. Nausheen is in Abu Dhabi, so no news on that front. I probably should have gone as well, but... meh. There were a number of reasons not to. Although I've already gone over that, neh?

I'm also broke... won't get paid until after school starts up again. But it's not like that's an unusual situation, either.

So yeah. The other night, to "celebrate" (as such) the advent of Eid, I went down and spent the night on the beach. Well, yeah. Since I'm (as mentioned) broke, and the university buses aren't running over the holidays, I walked. And so availed myself of the opportunity to wander around a bit, go some places I haven't been before. So in short, I went out and took this big long walk around town.

Went up to Ajman. Checked out Ajman City Center (basically a big shopping mall... like I said, I'm bored). Just to see what was there, basically. As I expected, nothing much. But whatever. So then I wandered down through the Ajman old town, through the markets and stuff. Kinda neat. Although Ajman is a pretty run-down place in general. And the old town is definitely worse for wear. Nowhere near as nice as the Dubai old town.

Then wandered down past the port and out onto the Corniche. Like I said, I spent most of the night on the beach. Rested for a couple hours on the Ajman Corniche side, then around 3:00 or so, ambled along the beach back into Sharjah, and sat on the beach, waiting for the sunrise. I like desert sunrises.

But damn... on the 5th of December, just before dawn, it's fishing COLD!!!

And so after the sunrise, got up and walked back to the university. And of course, once the sun started showing itself, it warmed up in a hell of a hurry, so I had a nice burn all over by the time I got back. I was pretty much walking straight into the sun from the beach all the way to AUS, and it's about a 4 hour walk. So yeah. Red face!

And it was interesting going past all the Thursday morning / Eid / First of Shawwal prayers at the various mosques. Especially after a night of thinking about... well... that. Always more of that. Maybe I am getting cold feet. Even though it's nowhere near a done deal yet.

But anyway. I got back to campus at about 11:00AM. And I left at about 7:00PM, so... call it 10 hours of walking (and maybe 6 of sitting on the beach). And about 45-50km or so, distance-wise. Sore legs. To say the least. I haven't walked that far in a long time. But it feels good.

And when I got back I fell straight to sleep. and now my sleep schedule is completely messed up.

O well.

It was worth it.

I enjoyed that night.

"They call me Ol' Blue Eyes."
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