December 30th, 2002

krazy kat

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This place is so strange sometimes.

We were out of cranberry sauce for the leftover turkey sandwiches we were having for dinner, so I went out to buy some more.

Now cranberry sauce is a decidedly Euro/American food item, so is not something that every store will carry. Most of the local consumers wouldn't have a clue what to do with the stuff. But most of the bigger places (especially ones that tend to cater to western expatriates) I expected to have some.

So I wandered over to the local hypermarket (i.e.: "big supermarket") at Abu Dhabi mall. Never heard of cranberry sauce. Ok, Choithrams on Salaam St. Nope. Emirates General Market on Hamdan? Nope. Emirates General Market on Zayed the Second St? Nada.

Ok, now I'm getting a bit concerned. I try the big co-op downtown, the one built into the parking garage with all the shelves on crazy angles. Nothing. The co-op at Madinat Zayed? "Shu* 'cranberry sauce,' yaa crazy Amerikani?"

Eep. I can't walk all the way to the Carrefours or Spinneys (the most likely prospect in town but a LONG way away), so as a last resort (but without much hope), I duck into the little Choithrams on 24th St.

And, lo-and-behold, we have a full shelf of cranberry sauce, five different brands. We have fancy cranberry sauce, cheap cranberry sauce, normal cranberry sauce, 2-for-1 cranberry sauce...


Shopping in the UAE. Always an adventure.

It was also windy as all hell this afternoon. The wind was buffeting me every which way. Now, normally I really like wind, but it was string enough to raise all the sand up and throw it around, so I had swirling sand in my eyes for most of my walk. Bleh.

O well... good exercise.

* Shu (shoo): "what is this nonsense you speak ...?"

Where's the Cranberry Sauce?

"Haven't you opened the tin yet? The humans are almost here!"
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