February 6th, 2003

krazy kat

Return of the slacker

Ok, so I'm back. Not that I really "went" anywhere, but not had much to write about other than the same old boring whining about how busy I am and how much time I don't have.

Which everyone has already heard, so I'll spare you.

So we had our first debate of the new semester yester... uh, make that TWO days ago. All in all, it wasn't a total unmitigated disaster. It was much better organized than anything we did last semester, so... yeah. We are getting it on with the whole "organization" jive.

But the teams were rather mismatched stylistically. We had one that kept trying to stick to the issues and discuss things in a calm manner, confronted by the other team whose style was 50% dramatics and theatrics. And who steamrolled right over them. Oops. Not that there's anything inherently wrong with that style, but the combination of the two just didn't work. That, plus the guy who we had moderating was rather ineffective. But that's ok, since I'm going to be moderating at the next one, so I'll get to lay the smackdown if people start acting out. Oh yeah, and we're going to do some more co-ordination so that debating styles bear SOME resemblance to each other.

Whenever the next debate occurs, that is. We tried to be all organized this term, planning everything out beforehand, scheduling everything and all the topics, making sure everyone already knew about them as of the beginning of term.

Except that people are whining about the topics, so we have to get that changed. And the timeslot we currently have is only an hour and a half, which is nowhere NEAR enough time... when you consider that people come in late, then have to leave 5 minutes early to get to their next class. We spent the last 20 minutes in a frantic rush, trying to fit everything in, not really succeeding. So we're going to have to get the timings changed as well.

And what with Eid Al-Adha next week, that leaves... 10 days? To get the new topics approved, the new times approved, select teams, prepare, research topics, and, and...?

There is no way we have enough time. O well. Schedules slip. And so we're going to have to draw up a whole NEW schedule. Grr.

But HEY! That's all part of the FUN! Right?


Okay, fun stuff!

Indian Club Movie Night last night! We all went out to see Catch Me if You Can. Two hundred Indian Club students inundating the theater downtown! Eep! We basically got a package deal; $CA 500, or so, and the theater reserved the whole balcony for us. That was... fun. And amazingly, there wasn't a whole bunch of talking and joking and mobile-phone-ringing and stuff during the movie. Which is what I totally would have expected from the Indian Club. So yay!

The movie was pretty fun. Not a particularly brilliant movie or anything, but fun. Enjoyable. Eminently watchable fluff. And perfect for a club outing. Recommended.

And then after the movie, having found myself in the unexpected position of posessing a small amount of money, I went out with a bunch of friends to dinner, before returning to Campus.

Well, sort-of. We went over to Dubai (for whatever reason, I'm still not sure), spent ages deciding upon a restaurant, more ages finding a place to park, by which time the restaurant had closed. Repeat previous three steps for next restaurant. Ok, so now it's past midnight, and the only place that is still open and anywhere nearby (we didn't want to go all the way downtown Dubai, and nobody really knew many restaurants in Sharjah) is the food court at random shopping mall. A food court? We came all this way and spent all this time to eat at a food court? But the company was the reason I was there anyway, not the (expensive and crappy) food.

It's strange how people you think you know really well act so different outside the school environment... I swear I did not think Phil was the sort of person I would ever see giggle. But there he was, giggling all night long (goaded on in no small part by Induja, but that's beside the point).

(And God Damn, she's so hartbreakingly beautiful when she wears the red one... get out of my mind, evil woman!)

So what else...?

Oh yeah! Film Classz0r!!!!

Stil rollicking along at a fantastic clip... and and and. Eep. Term project. 50%-of-the-final-mark-like term project. We have to make a movie.


Make a movie. Okay, a short movie; 10-15 minutes. But still. And we have to incorporate all sorts of elements that we've been learning about in class, so that means we will need to have sufficient control over all aspects of the production that we can actually do these things. Like, use real film stock, record sound and stuff separately, edit them together in a reasonable manner (on a computer, I guess), record it back to VHS, and so on.

Which would all be okay, I guess, if we had access to this sort of equipment. But we don't. I have access to, um. A Sony handycam. Which is SO not going to cut it. And the prof isn't giving us any help procuring the requisite hardware. Did you ever see the movie Rat Race? "You have 12 weeks! Make a movie! You will get no help from me! Go!!"

True to his word, if we ask him for any recommendations or anything, he just gives this evil-type grin and says, "Time to make some friends."

Garg. Glub. Gurgle. Gpblpbbuubbllp.

It'll be fun, I think. I hope. But I am so nervous.

I have a rough script more-or less done (subject to extensive tweaking). And am starting the storyboarding process. I have some people in mind for actors, although haven't asked yet. But the equipment... I seriously have no idea where to start.

But the film festival (where all this stuff is going to be shown to the whole campus, plus invitees) is on May 10th / 11th, so I have to have something by then, or I'm going to look like a pretty damn big fool.

Have I insinuated yet that I feel like I'm drowning? And I signed on with the Drama Club in the same semester?? Sigh. I am seriously depriving a village somewhere of an idiot.

But now this is getting dangerously close to me whining, so I'll stop here. Dessert time! Cute kittens! Bye-bye!

Just you wait 'til I find my feet...!
"Just you wait 'til I find my feet...!"
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