February 21st, 2003

krazy kat

Maybe Dirigibles or Zeppelins or Lightbulbs...

Yes, yes, yes!

Finally finished the demon-spawn assignment of Hell. 37 and a half hours, 40 pages and all hand written. But finished! Awesome! Fuck you, Kim Bigelow! I quite suspect that there will be a number of people dropping from that course this week, bacause I KNOW a lot of people didn't finish it, and well, 10 percent is quite a bit to swallow.

So now that I've neglected everything else in my life for the last week and a half, I can start to get to work on all the crap that's been backing up. Eep.

Like, yeah. Kicking everyone else's ass in the Drama club and getting some auditions underway, since even though they were scheduled last week, they just... didn't happen. Because no-one was prepared, and no-one did any publicity, and no-one booked the rooms, and no-one, well, did anything, really. Argh.

I disappear for 10 days, and things fall apart. I mean, an ego boost? Yeah, I guess. But frustrating as all hell.


And speaking of frustration, I finally said, "to hell with trying to make my computer work again," took my hard drive to my parents' during Eid, backed up all the data onto CD, formatted the sucker and installed Linux.

(Wow, I haven't had Linux on my desktop system in years... the last time I did, I was still working at Attachmate.)

And grrrrrr!!! I made the mistake of installing Red Hat 8. I figured latest was greatest, right? No! No no no no! Red Hat 8 SUCKS! It's fucking Windows! And it's fucking slow-ass crawling Windows!

It took me a full day of downloading older programs off the net, and installing them over the new versions and breaking everything in the install just to get it to a somewhat usable state.

New Linux for your Desktop! 10 times the eye-candy! One tenth the functionality! 10 times the bugs! One tenth the speed!

Ok, the problems were mostly in X; the command line hadn't changed much, but still. Finally I've managed to regress Gnome, regress the window manager, regress the file manager, regress the configuration programs, et cetera, and I can use it. But ARGH! If this is the direction Unix on the desktop is going, I think it's high time to find something else. Too bad NeXT, BeOS and OS/2 are all dead. Theose are the only desktop OSes that have ever been worth anything, methinks.

Mac OS X is looking nicer and nicer all the time, baby.


Tired?? I'm exhau... (yawn) ...sted!
"Tired?? I'm exhau... (yawn) ...sted!"
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