February 28th, 2003

krazy kat

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Programming Competition today.

In which I did not participate as a contestant (I think I mentioned this before -- I don't want to start something I can't finish); rather only as an organdizer. That was difficult. The entire time I was gnashing my teeth, wishing I could be behind one of the computers. This sucks. I want to program. I know I could so easily walk away with top place.


But it's for the best. In the long run. I think.

I'm sore.

Too much cricket yesterday. My bowling arm is killing me. I'm still running, so I'm in shape, in general. But my arms aren't. Then of course you use the same arm to bat, so my shoulder hurts from the bowling and my elbow from the batting, and I can barely. Type.

But it's a good sore. It's the "I got exercise" sore. I like this sore. I need to do this more often.

What else?

Just the usual, I guess.
Oh, did I mention that my script is finished? Yay! Scripty-script goodness! I'm... not as happy with it as I could be, I guess, but given the time constraints, it'll do. So now I can start with the filming. Or at least with the intermediate steps, like storyboarding, finding actors (yeah, that) and so on. And I can always tweak the script later as ideas come. But the basics are all done.

Well gawrsh durnit, I just may have this film done on time.

Palestinian Club database is done. Yay. I just hope they don't have any more last-minute changes (grrrr, I told them I wouldn't do changes after the specs were complete), and I can send them my bill and get paid. Yay. Money is good.

Now that I have a teensy tad more time, I'm also putting the Drama Club back into first gear (from stall), and it's progressing -- ever so slowly -- again. And the Debate Club was saved from the brink of breakup, and looks like it will hold together. Well, at least until I leave (which will likely cause it do disintegrate anyway, but that's Somebody Else's Problem).

And... yeah. Keeping up to speed with the assignments in all my other classes. Only slept through one quiz so far. "And that's a Good Thing." Well... the "only" part is, anyway. Besides, it's not a course where I have to worry about my mark. And he'll probably drop one quiz from the final grade anyway. And... yeah.


And I got my mix CD from Frandroid! Yay! So awesome! I've been listening to it on repeat for two days now! Must remember to thank him!


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