April 17th, 2003

krazy kat

"My God," He said, "It's full of stars!"

They were my angels...

...and suddenly I realized the power I had acquired.

Even be it through accident. They were my three angels in white, and my God, they were beautiful. I think I first noticed them not when they first arrived and called my name, but later, as they were descending the steps in the first run-through, and I was standing beside the camera, framing the shot through my hands.

Then, bang. There they were. Beautiful. Sexycute. Three in white and ready to kick ass (the fact that my movie is not an ass-kicking movie notwithstanding).

And I was the one who had made them. I caused this to happen. Without the events that I had set in motion, they would have remained the same girls that I knew from classes, that everyone knew, that were cute to be sure, but nothing more than that. It's one thing to walk up to her while she's eating lunch and ask, "Hey, you know that movie I have to make for my film class...?"

It's quite another when you're ready to film, you've got all three of them together, wearing the matching white outfits and the ready-to-kick-butt hairdos and suddenly realize that as a piece... they're fucking. Knock-out. Gorgeous.

Wow. If I'd never asked them; if I'd never mandated those outfits; if I'd never...

It's a pretty awesome power, to realize that you have created a trio of bombshells.

Or at least, they will be, once I show the movie. I do wonder about that, I am having second thoughts. Not, of course, that I'm about to can the whole movie or anything. That's not really a feasible course of action. But I do wonder about the attention that this will draw to them later. They will be known as bombshells after this; of that I'm sure. If of nothing else.

And is that fair to do to them? Certainly back home in Canada, it wouldn't be a problem. What girl would object to having a reputation as being beautiful? But here? The results might not be entirely positive. The attention of a bunch of over-horny sex-starved teens (of which there is no shortage around here) could be, shall we say... overwhelming?

So now I'm in a bit of a dilemma.

How much, though, of this is an overreaction, or even worse, complete arrogance on my part? Is it really my responsability? How arrogant (not to mention chauvinistic) is it to presume that I control the destiny of these three entirely self-sufficient adults? They're more than competent to make their own decisions.

I may have initiated the look, but I did not create them. And I sure as hell do not control them.

And I suppose it's somewhat moot anyway, since I'm going to have to re-shoot the scene. Some dumbass (names removed to protect the guilty) forgot to turn on the microphone for the entire shoot. So I'm in the editing room, cutting things together.
- The shots are beautiful.
- The composition is beautiful.
- The movement is beautiful.
- The girls are beautiful.
- The audio is... completely silent.


Well, whatever. One more chance to work with my angels, I guess. (heh. "my" angels. speaking of arrogance...) Some passer-by made an off-the-cuff reference while we were shooting to "Charlie's Angels." Damn, but did he ever nail it.

Putter's Angels?

Uhh..... no.

I don't think so.

This (obviously) isn't something I've quite gotten a handle on yet. It feels kinda like I'm a photographer for Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition, or somesuch. Like, one of those jobs that you dream about when you're a kid (well, older than "kid," maybe) and having a flight of fancy. But what happens when you actually get the job? What happens when you actually are surrounded by beautiful women (even if only three of them)?

What happens when you can tell them to "do this" and they'll actually go and do it for you (within reason, of course. don't even start.)?

Many of my favourite moments in life are only in retrospect. I'm all too prone to nostalgia. Remember the good ol' days when...? It's unfortunately rare that I'll actually notice how much fun I'm having when I'm having it.

I'm having fun right now.

Working with these girls is awesome.

Laptop, eh? I got yer laptop right here.
"Laptop, eh? I got yer laptop right here."
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