June 11th, 2003

krazy kat

Don't Order the Cabbage Rolls

So apparently, I actually have a "steady" job now, so no more uncertainty, which is nice. It came about a rather bizarre way. A couple friends and I went out the other night to shoot some pool, and on the way back stopped at the Boston Pizza for a midnight snack. While sitting in the restaurant, we noticed that it was taking an AWFULLY long time for them to get to us. To the tune of a whole hour for a plate of nachos and a coupla beers. I was ready to walk out after about half the time myself, but (fortunately) the others wanted to stick around.

When the server finally got to us, she mentioned that she was exhausted, as the kitchen staff had disappeared earlier, and so it was just her and the manager doing the cooking, serving, bartending, everything. Half-jokingly, I asked if they were looking to hire replacements, and she responded, "well... actually..."

The long and short of it being that I'm now a cook at Boston Pizza, and can remain there for as long as I desire. Whoa. It's the 5PM to 2AM shift... mixed feelings about that, but whatever.

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