September 13th, 2003

krazy kat

Still what, hey?

Still nothing much to report.

Still don't know anyone in Calgary. Not helped, of course, that I'm hardly the most gregarious of persons; especially not if you don't already know me. I sorta kinda talked to one of the guys whom I've noticed is in 4 of my 5 lectures, and seemed to be just as bored as I was. Indeed, on 3 separate occasions I was about to put my hand up and make some clarification on something that the professors said that could be misleading, only to be beaten to the punch by about two seconds by him.

So I pulled him over after one of the classes and asked him what the deal was. Sure enough he's in exactly the same boat as me; a transfer student who couldn't get credit for courses that he's done 80% of, and so is just sleeping through them. Heh.

Go, UCalgary!

But that's about it. We talked for maybe five minutes and that's it. Me != great conversationalist. I haven't spoken to anyone else at all (faculty && staff aside) for longer than about, oh 2 sentences?

'course it's a bit hard when you're in lectures of 200+ people. Labs and tutorials start next week. I'm really hoping that the more "intimate" setting will make things easier for me. I miss Tabnet. I miss other friends from Vancouver. I miss the guys at AUS. Sigh.

On the other hand, one of my profs has 4 beanbag chairs and 2 inflatable couches in is office. Aw bjyeah.

At other times, though, this prof is pretty crazygonuts. He teaches my Computability (Finite Automata, etc) course -- the one and only one I'm not sleeping through right now, even though we do some stuff later that I'm familiar with. Actually I can't understand what the prof is going on about half the time. He'll start out his lectures by going painfully slow and re-iterating every point 5 times from 3 different angles, and I'm all "okay, get ON with it!"

Then three fifths the way through the class he'll realize he's running out of time, and kick it into overdrive, screaming his way past all kinds of material; giving only the briefest of summaries by way of explanation, to culminate in the final 30 seconds with a glorious, "and there, I've given you enough of a start that you will have no trouble doing the rest on your own!"

(bow && curtsey)

Uh, what? Given that I understood nothing in the last 20 minutes, and only barely had time to write down half of what you said... uh, what?

Hence the reason I was in his office to discover the beanbag chairs and inflatable couches.

Having said that, however, we haven't done any labs or assignments or had any quizzes yet, so I'm hoping that they will prove more straightforward than his lectures, and my fretting will be for naught.

I hope.

Because, of course, two heads are /always/ better than one...
"Because, of course, two heads are /always/ better than one..."
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