September 17th, 2003

krazy kat


> Uh, what? Given that I understood nothing in the last 20 minutes, and only barely had time to write down half of what you said... uh, what?

I heart my TA.

10 minutes into the lab today, and he turned all my "Halp! I have no clue what's going on!" into "Oh, hey, that's all there is to it? Damn, that's simple! Why didn't the prof just say that in the first place?"


My prof in that class is such a dumbass. I mean, he's a nice guy and all, but in 4 lectures, and 2 visits to his office, he was totally unable to explain what the TA could in 10 minutes. Well, maybe 15.

O'course, it would also help if I got off my ass and bought the textbook. Boston Pizza getting off their ass and mailing me my last paycheque (issued, like, ten days ago) would also help in that regard, too.

Tummy rub! NOW!
"Tummy rub! NOW!"
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