September 26th, 2003

krazy kat

Tursday Night -- I Must be Durnk Agian.

Thusdrays are my hell days. Well, ell is of curse a relative term., but they're my worst days, ayway. Fiurst class at 11:00 (that being the earliest of any day of the week) and last class ewnds at 7:00 (thgat being the lastest of any day of the week). With a grand total of one hour of breaks in bwetween.

Ok, shutiup, OBB. I know myt schedule is nowhere near as brutal as thine, and don't hav eany right to complain. I am anyway. Well, tis isn't exactly a complaint; I'm just sayng./

And I have tw2 classes where weelkly qwuizzes scheduled on Thursdays, meaning I'm uyp late on Wednesdsay to study for them (haw haw -- cramming agaion. yah.) So after all this, I need to unwind (er whatever) Thursdays night.

And this works well with the bar closes to my plcae, which has cheap phood and cheap paralyzers oin Thursdays, so $25 gets me hella lot of well, booze and dinner.

Soi Thgursday nights are my druink nights.

And today is was worse than usual. Well, not my clases, no. But there was a CSUS (Compuyter Science Undersgad Society) mixer this eveningm, with even cheaper beer than my bar. Yay, 2 pints for $4! Dometsic onlym, which tastes like shit, bnut ok. Still worth it.

"$12 Free - No Deposit Required at BetMax!"

FDinally getting to meet a buchn of people. Outsidde my SENG311 project team, that is. I'm gettiong to be real good friends wiht James.

But that's neither hjere nor there. Lots of people at the CSUS mixer that I'm getting to know. Finally getting around to seein gif I can kjoin an ACM programming cvontest team thisd semester. That would be nice; the regionals are in Lethbridge (ew!) November 15, so that's not much time. Nowhere enar as much time as we had in the UAE to try and prepare. Buit hey, if we can puit a team tgether by then, I'm willing oto make the effort!

And then can see Deepa and anushka at hte world finals in Prague come March, LOL.

Or not.

Either one of us may maker it there, but the chances of both teams making it is slim.

Although UCalgary has sent teams to the world finals 3 rtimes in the past, which is a good sign. I'm in contact with the prof who sent them before, and he is willing ton act as advisor this semesrter. Now to fiund out who's good programmers./ That's the downside to not knowing anyonwe. I have no idea WHO would majke the best teammates.

On va voir, je suppose.

Who's In the Driver's Seat nbow?
"Who's In the Driver's Seat nbow?"
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