October 5th, 2003

krazy kat

On Yer Marks... Get Set... CRASH!

Somebody at Shaw Calgary needs a good ass-fucking, that's all I can say.

My server is -- yet again -- down for the indefinite future. It appears that it was at least partly to blame for all the connection problems I've been having since I moved in. At any rate, I took it down about 24 hours ago, and have had (as far as I can tell) 100% connectivity since. Which is about 15 times longer than the average over the last month.

Fuck. So now I have to figure out some other way of putting it online. I'm going to play around with the LAN setup here to see if I can put it on the second of the 2 IPs we get, leaving the first just for the desktop machines (behind a router / gateway). However this may take time.

Arrrrrgh. I hate hate HATE having my server offline.

Email address is temporarily "nicholss (AT) cpsc.ucalgary.ca". As if anyone needed to email me.

With any luck skytek will be back up sooner rather than later.


And more things to whine about! Today's a whiny ranty day, I guess!

Well, not really a whine. Rather just a gripe about how out of shape I am. I went and participated in the Run for the Cure (ie: for Breast Cancer). As part of the U of C Computer Science team (yay! we beat the Computer Engineers! They owe us coffee and doughnuts! Mmmmm... doughnuts).

Well, that was fun. As I expected. It was either a 1km walk or a 5km run. Well, duh. I opted for the run. After all, I used to run 10 clicks every day. And that was in the UAE, with 40-degree heat. So a quick 5km jaunt should have been no problem.

Except -- oops -- I forgot to account for the fact that, except for a few isolated occasions that don't really count, I haven't done any running since leaving the UAE in May.

I am SO out of shape. Ok, I managed to finish it; that at least wasn't a problem. But I was puffing pretty hard at the end. And had to reduce the pace to a mediocre jog for at least 10% of the run.

Eek. My time was 33:14 from start-line to finish-line (ie: after taking start delay into account). Ye fecking gawds. I really shouldn't have been much over 25 mins for 5km. I used to be able to do 53 mins for 10 km.

Must. Get. Back. Into. Practice.
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