October 7th, 2003

krazy kat


Quick! There is still time! We shall have one last barbeque before the weather sets in, and it is too late! We shall allow the aroma of our grill, of these steaks, to dance the highway of the wind around the neighbourhood.

See that student on his bike down there, returning home from a day of study. It shall waft past his nose, drawing his appreciation.

"How wonderful," he shall think, "that people are able to enjoy this fine afternoon in such a manner!"
"How wonderful," he shall confirm, "that the beauty of the trees is preserved even as their leaves fall and are richly consumed by my tires in a crunching crescendo!"
"How wonderful," he shall sigh, "that I am able to look on this and appreciate it for what it is, unobscured by other concern!"

These seasons are what you missed during your adventures as a desert-dweller.