October 14th, 2003

krazy kat

Overdosed on L-Tryptophan

Tabnet is down. Grrr. Sux0rz.


Went out to the Big Turkey Dinner at James' place. Too much Turkey. Too much L-Tryptophan. Too much Sleepy. Too much wine. Too much cards playing. Too much Settlers of Catan.

No such thing as too much Settlers.

Too much of James' "special cookies" (think "special brownies," and you get the idea). Too much in my stomach. But fun.

Too much good times?


Yeah. I really like James. He and I get along so well. Helps that we're in -- what? -- 4 of 5 lectures together, 3 of 5 labs together, 2 group projects together... He's also older than most of the kids, and that helps. Indeed he's older than me, and from a similar type of background. Worked for several years out of high school, so transfered into advanced standing. Traveled around a bunch when he was younger.

He's a big gamer, but hey. Nobody's perfect. :-P Besides, that provides lots of opportunity to intersperse the studying with cards and whatnot. Cause I seem to be over there at least 3 or 4 times a week. Ostensibly to study, in reality so I can pig out on his food? Well, I do do some of the purchasing.

And his weak areas are the math stuff: Calculus (a course I've taken) and Computability (by far my favourite course this semeseter, despite the best efforts of the dumbass professor) so I end up helping him with his studies more than the inverse. Which partially makes up for all the food I eat? Anyway.

Thing is, he's also moving out of his place in another month or so (his landlord is selling it to someone who wants to tear down and redevelop). He's found another place, but there's an extra room, and he asked if I wanted to move in. It would be $50 cheaper per month. Plus cool guys. Thumbs up!

Plus more LAN gaming than I can shake a stick at. Eep. Maybe not. Don't need the distraction while I'm supposedly studying. Eitherhow, I'm still thinking about it.

But ANYWAY. Those courses. I'm really digging computability. Like, really REALLY. Not as much as I did film, but getting close. So. Much. Fun.

And it's amazing how much easier Calculus seems, the second time through! (Although, grrr, you guys STILL could have given me credit, no?) Although I do suppose that's stating the obvious.

So yeah. The coolest thing? After all the wearing down that math at AUS was perpetuating on my poor mind, I'm totally rediscovering my love of it. Remember, after all, that my final paper in IB was in Game Theory. I used to love Math. And seven years on, I'm learning how, all over again.

So much so, indeed, that I'm seriously considering taking on a double major; CPSC and PMAT (Pure Math). Eeek! What stupid is this? Especially as it would add another year to my studying (or more -- CPSC+PMAT is a 5-year program to begin with, and I haven't been planning on it until now, so I'd have to take a few extra courses to catch up).

So lessee here. An extra year (or more) of study. In math. Sigh.

Love makes you do stupid things.

Just like L-Typtophan plus booze plus "special cookies."

Friends kick ass.

You talkin' to Me?
"You talkin' to Me?"

(P.S. Damn I wish I spoke better Hindi. The lyrics of this song are beautiful... if only I knew what they meant! Although on second thought, I suspect I would be severely disillusioned, finding out that they are typical pop tripe, so I will look on the bright side of my ignorance.)

(P.P.S. Agents is a really cool game. And with daily limits on yer Mission Points, not too much of a time-waster. CheckitoutCheckitoutCheckitoutCheckitout!)
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