November 14th, 2003

krazy kat

Strange Currentses

Ok, so here's the setup:
I was feeling kinda under the weather last week, and so neglected to attend any of my German lectures (or the lab, for that matter). Owing, mainly, to they being the first class of the day on their respective days. This compounded by Remembrance day on Tuesday and a reading day on Monday mean that it's been almost 2 weeks since I last went to German class. Thus I am somewhat out of the loop as to what's going on.

Nevertheless I had a lab this morning at 11:00. Which I had every intention of attending. So at 3:00 this morning, I made a quick check of the website to see what was going on in the class, and check for any readings that might be helpful for the lab.

And see that we had homework. Oh, this is interesting. We've never had homework so far this class. Well, let's see what it is.

3:00 AM -- So I'm supposed to write a film review. Ok, I'm screwed. It's 3:00 in the morning. Where the hell am I going to find a German film to watch and review by tomorrow morning? The library ain't open at this time of day.

3:10 AM -- Oh, and we have to do an oral presentation on it as well? Mang, I. Am. So. Screwed.

3:20 AM -- Well, I guess I'll just have to swallow the marks. How much is it worth? Oh. Fuck. 20% of the final grade for the course. You're shitting me, right? Ok, I'm REALLY screwed.

3:30 AM -- So maybe I can talk to the prof tomorrow morning and beg my case, get some sort of extension? Shit. Well... maybe I'll be able to find one on KaZaa or something that I can download and review? Pretty much a last-ditch idea. Let's look at the list of movies that I can use.

3:35 AM -- HOLY CRAP DID I EVER LUCK OUT! Last film in the list is Run, Lola, Run, one of my favourite movies ever; I don't have a copy, but I've seen it a good 5 or 6 times, and can totally pull a review for that out of my ass (well, ok, it's supposed to be written in German, but that's no problem). Like, I know a quarter or so of the movie off by heart anyway!

8:20 AM -- Finished! 1300-word film review in German. Crapsicle! Next time I should totally pay more attention to upcoming homework! Now to get 2 hours of sleep before class. Not so screwed after all.

11:00 AM -- No way. The deadline was extended to next week? And this wasn't mentioned on the website because....? ASDFGKJHLJDHGHNGBNNNNG!!!!!!!!

So what else? The cute chick in my group in German lab is the same one who comes over every week to take bagpipe lessons from my landlady??!? Why the hell did it take two and half months for me to realize this?

Hockay. And tomorrow we go to sunny LETHBRIDGE! YEAH! :-P

For the ACM programming competition regionals. I did manage to weasel myself onto a team. Or more accurately, I managed to con two other guys into forming a team with me. One of whom is actually somewhat enthusiastic (albeit with next to no competition experience), the other is pretty much coming along just to be a good sport.

I don't expect to do well AT ALL. The team's only been together for like 3 weeks; I think we've had about 6 practices during that time. And we're totally still working out the team dynamics.

So. Different. from the team in the UAE. So so different. A lot of our success in the UAE was totally due to the team. And while this one could be a good one, given time, we haven't had that time yet. It'll take a miracle for us to place anywhere above rock-bottom, really.

Especially since the competition here is more hard-core than it was in Egypt. These people all totally know their stuff. And I mean, they really do. Some of the other UofC teams, for example, hold exercises where the captain will call out the name of an alghorithm, and point to a team-member who has to rattle off some pseudo-code that will implement the algorithm. Eep!

So I'm going, hoping for a respectable showing, but not really expecting much. This is more out of some sense of obligation than anything else. A bit discouraged already, yeah.

O well. Not the end of the world.

And I finally managed to get an exam schedule out of UofC today. So my last exam ends at 6:30 on Monday Dec.22nd.

Fair enough. But now, looking at Greyhound schedules I see that the "holiday season" (when cheap fares don't apply) starts Tuesday the 23rd.

Oh. Great. So unless I wanna spend an extra hundred bucks (like, no thanks), I have to leave after my exam on the 22nd. And there's only one bus after my exam, which leaves at 11:30 PM. So I have really zero choice but to take the night bus to Vancouver on the evening of the 22nd. Nice to have my life planned out for me!


Then one day we decides: Those Chinese Sons of a Bitches are Going Down!

Well, call me shocked and awed!
"Well, call me shocked and awed!"
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